Gundam Super Expo Live Blog

The live blog starts….now! Well, in the fact that in heading towards the venue. Since I’m heading back to Tokyo from Osaka, it’ll take a few hours. Schedule in lunch with the former co-workers first, and my scheduled arrival at the expo is around 2:30 JST time. So check back in about five hours!

1:50 – Well lunch is done and I’m on my way to the venue. Wonder how the crowds will be. While free this time around, for most company workers, summer holidays don’t start until tomorrow or Thursday. However, it is summer vacation for students so there might be quite a lot of kids there.

2:05 – at tokyo dome and there are a toooon of preteen girls here for some concert at Tokyo dome for a band vie never heard of.

2:20 – wordpress app giving me some trouble, but anyways in line fir goods first.

2:25 – the special goods line is moving very smooth. By comparison the regular goods area seems to be packed. I see tv cameras, time to try and get on the news!

2:40 – in line for regular goods, then going to go in the back way.

3:05 – finally in the expo. Models have crappy backlighting which makes it hard to take pictures. Will update pics tonight.

3:10 – awesome, they are showing the first ep of gunpla builders!

I’m impressed, it’s pulling models from all gundam series. Light hearted, but better than I was expecting.

3:25 – just going to start upping pics. Will up nicer ones tonight.

ANA Color Double O Raiser, available from 9/1 on ANA flights!

4:30 – and I’m out. Unfortunately, most models on display have a bright white light behind them which pretty mucus makes taking photos with the iPhone impossible. So expect in depth updates later tonight with photos from the dslr. Overall, not bad, but not great either. There wasn’t much in the way of new info like last years expo. There was also a heavy emphasis on bb/sd series so I wasn’t quite interested in that. The gunpla history and sections on how it was built, alnog with the celebrity models were neat though. Overall, the only new thing was the ana color double o raiser. Also, for the gunpla tour this year, two additional limited goods were announced. Clear version MG Zaku II and clear version HGUC Zeta gundam.

Overall, not bad for a free expo, and worth a couple of hours of your time if you are in Tokyo over the next week.

2 thoughts on “Gundam Super Expo Live Blog

  1. nice! i wonder what special goods they have there? hey say jump! yeah i know them. my students talk about them all the time. all the members were born in the heisei era thus the name. they are all under 22.

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