MG Full Armor Gundam Gallery

Welcome to the FA Gundam Gallery.  Again、a big thank you to HobbyLink Japan ( for providing me with a sample kit for building and reviewing purposes.  For those interested in getting your own FA Gundam, hit up the link here to get it from HLJ.  For those who haven’t seen the review, check it out here.  And finally, enjoy the pictures!

3 thoughts on “MG Full Armor Gundam Gallery

  1. This Gundam is simply amazing. It is by far my favorite. This Gundam has great detail, fantastic articulation, its own stand (included in the kit), a shield, two connectable beam sabers, a rifle, four hidden cannons, and adjustable wings. The stand was custom-made for the kit and it looks amazing when display. If you can afford it, do not pass this Gundam up!

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