An American in Akiba – June 2010 Edition

Welcome to the first post in what I hope to be a monthly posting all about Akiba!  I realize now that I have good reason to go to Akiba once a month, and everytime I go there is always something new to see.  And what’s the point of taking pictures if I’m not going to share?  This new series will of course have some Gundam shots in it, but mainly be about things I find interesting in Akiba.  Still, lets start this post off with some Gundam shots, specifically, The O!

This last weekend GG from Gaijin Gunpla and I got together for our monthly meeting at the Hub, with intents to watch some good soccer and drink lots of alcohol.  Unfortunately, we didn’t quite get to see good soccer, but at least we drank a lot.  Heading over to Yodobashi Akiba afterwords, we found ourselves face to face with this big boy.

Master Grade The O

Yeah… he’s a lot bigger than I thought he’d be.  Weighing in at nearly 700 grams, it looks to be a bulky and hefty kit.  Will be very interested to see how the engineering worked out for it.  In other Gundam news, we also saw the Full Armor Gundam and the HGUC ZZ Gundam on display as well.

MG FA Gundam

HGUC ZZ Gundam

Other than looking at Gundam stuff, one store I always tend to visit is Kotobukiya in the Radio Hall Building.   Kotobukiya tends to have a wide range of otaku goods, including their own line of kits, but one of my favorite things is looking at their movie related items.  In general you’ll see a lot of Star Wars, comic book heroes, and sci-fi goods on display.  These are usually some awesome figures, but I find them better to look at than to think about collecting!

Iron Man Mark 1? Figure


Yoda kicking some ass

I also like checking out the back streets of Akiba’s Electric Town.  While not really related to Gundam goods, it’s great for picking up PC parts, memory, and other things.  Plus, maids, kebabs, and general otaku-ness.  So, a few pictures from here and there.

Gamers, next to the station, which is under renovations

Asobit City, which has gradually shrunk into a fraction of what it used to be.  But they sell American games!

Waving from above, a maid tries to attract customers

Heading down the backstreets…

While a short first edition, next month I’m going to try and pick up on some more of my favorite stores, including those that sell used Gunpla kits, including those rare limited ones, as well as pick up on places to get your import (American) game fix.  If there are any requests or theme pick ups for the future, by all means drop a comment and let me know.

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