Tidbits & Updates

Unfortunately apathy has taken hold of me quite hard over the last few weeks so not much is getting done.  I’ve found myself caught up in a bitch of a catch-22 actually.  Most of the things I want to do involve me being at home, but I find myself feeling apathetic and nothing gets done.  Heading out though and I get into the mode to do this or that.  Then I return home only to fall into a funk again…  Still, I’m pulling myself out of this funk, slowly but surely…

With that said, some updates!

First off, look at what I finally decided to get on the road to completion.  With the rainy season about to hit the Kanto region of Japan from tomorrow, I realized I needed to get paint touch ups and top coating done for the unicorn.  All that’s left is decaling, then the final coat.  I haven’t decided if I’ll panel line it or not though, we’ll see after the test build.

Top coated!

Threw another coat of purple on the psycho frame to bring it out more.

I also ripped through the ReZel the other week, continuing with the painting of the HG Unicorn kits, I did a quick paint using the a certain blue favored by Lupes and GaiGun.  More pictures eventually!


Switching subjects, the latest pick ups from the other day.

Musha Mk-II, 1/144 Epyon, Eggplane Valkyrie

Not suprising, Bandai is pumping out all the old old school kits, and so I picked up the 1/144 Epyon on a whim, since it was only 400 yen, the other day at Yodobashi.  Musha Mk-II is also next on the burner as soon as GAF is back up and the Unicorn is done.  I have a few ideas on color schemes, but things are still just simmering.  In the mean time, check out Plamo Addiction and It’s a Gundaaam, as my fellow Gunplars there have started in on the kit.

Planned posts this week are the follow up photo shoots of the Wing Gundam, and a post on the cleaning up of my work space.


6 thoughts on “Tidbits & Updates

  1. I automatically approve of anything involving mica blue. I’m going to be bringing that color back -real- soon, just wait.

    Hope GAF comes back up soon, you guys (That don’t see my stuff on FB or /toy/) are going to flip when you see what I’ve got so far for Musha.

    Unicorn with the purple psychoframe is hot as hell. It’s one of my favorite colors so I’m looking forward to pictures of that. My own Wing Gundam took a back seat to the other stuff I’m working on, but those pearl colors turned out damn nice.

  2. Tonzo, thanks, and looking forward to seeing GAF back online, finally nearing completion on the Unicorn so ready to throw some updates up.

    GaiGun, easily the best paint job I’ve done yet, amazing what you can do when your patient and don’t spray too close to the pieces.

    Lupes, You’re the master of the mica blue, so looking forward to what you do with it next. The purple on the Unicorn *is* really nice, but like my choice of blue for the Sinanju, it just absorbs the light. We’ll see how the pictures turn out.

    Niera, I used a Tamiya PS paint, PS-46, Iridescent Purple/Green

  3. That purple psycho frame is nice. I swear people are coming out with better color for the frame than the original.

    You are fast with the ReZel too. Man… I am so slacking with my next build…

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