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Apologies for the delay in updates.  A friend of the wife and I stayed with us for the last week and so Gunpla and stuff was on the back burner for a while.  There are a couple of good things that came out of this though.  The first thing that I’m going to pick up on is the Gundam Cafe.

Yep, I finally got the chance to go this last week.  While I had been hoping to go with fellow Gunplars Buster and GaiGun, going on a Saturday tends to see lines like this.

However, due to my current freedom, I was able to hit the cafe this last week as our friend wanted to stop by Yodobashi to pick up some stuff before heading back to the states.  If you’re able to go in during a weekday, it looks like there isn’t much of a wait.  Lets take a look at the interior.  You’ll note that overall the walls seem to follow the armor styling and marking of the RX-78.

From the entrance on the right side there is the gift section, as well as the gunpla-yaki area.  You can go to both without entering the cafe.

The non-smoking part of the cafe.  You can see the history of the RX-78 Gunpla in the back there.

The screen by the counter shows various menu items, this right here being Char’s pilot lunch.

The screen in the cafe area goes through various advertisements.  This one is an add for Jaburo coffee and the Gundam Cafe.

By the main counter we have a fairly big Gundam overlooking all.

A closeup of the Gundam Gunpla at the back of the cafe.

Next up, the food and drinks.  Since we had already eaten lunch, I just tried the Haro latte.  For the drinks, everything was just your regular cafe latte, etc, with only the Haro latte being different.  I would imagine that the bar time might have more specialized drinks.  The food however followed Gundam naming conventions, with Char’s ice cream, Acguy ice cream and so on.

Haro latte

Caramel latte, which comes in a regular Gundam cafe cup.

Char ice cream

Overall, the food and drinks, for what I’ve had, is nothing special.  However the prices were quite reasonable, for example, 350 yen for a latte.  This puts it on par with other cafes easily.  That was a bit of a suprise to me, but I am still not sure how the bar time prices go.  Hopefully I’ll get the chance to check it out soon.  If you collect a certain amount of points you’ll get an ID card that supposedly lets you get secret menu items, as well as saluted by the staff when you order.    So, a good experience to have, not quite sure it’s worth the long wait on the weekends, but definitely worth checking out once.

The Gundam Cafe at night.


6 thoughts on “Gundam Cafe

  1. Awwwwwwesome. So jealous right now. That salute pic is made of the purest essence of win. Hope you got a pic with her too!?

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. glad you got the chance to check it out! you didnt take that last pic did you? she looks just like the girl i took a picture of when i there. of course i only saw her from behind and i guess the uniform is standard issue but still. great post.

  3. @Tonzo: Unfortunately no, there were quite a lot of people taking pictures that day, so lucky that I got her to smile my way.

    @Buster: Yeah, I took it, this picture was from opening day, as I was in the area that time. I think I showed this to you and GaiGun when we got together in Akiba.

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