Master Grade Wing Gundam: The Pictures #1

Here’s the first of three planned photoshoots for the Wing Gundam, which I’ll follow up with final thoughts.  Here’s the Wing Gundam just standing around looking bad ass.  As for the decals, I’m waiting for the water slides, which Bandai, in their infinite wisdom, has decided they won’t release for another couple of month.  Thanks Bandai!

7 thoughts on “Master Grade Wing Gundam: The Pictures #1

  1. Definitely a lot better than the standard color scheme! I really like how well the yellow goes with that blue-gray. Looking forward to some action poses ^^.

  2. @ren: I used a copic modellers pen, 0.02 size to do the lines. They did come out really well this time around.

    @Buster: The sticker looks like it’s slightly off center after all.

    @Z: Yeah, I am really liking the lighters color too. Definitely much better than the original darker colors. Still working on the photos, about half done with the action poses.

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