Tidbits: part 2

Before moving on to the Wing Gundam pictures I’d like to follow up on some earlier tidbits.

First up, on the Aso-bit City Gunpla contest, I didn’t place, but overall I was still quite pleased to be able to participate in the contest.  For pics of the winners, check out Moeyo’s post or Ngee’s post.  I did receive a participation prize though, a BB Senshi.  While not a fan of BB Senshi, and am not interested in the Three Kingdoms theme and all that, free is still nice.

Chouhi BB Senshi

Next up, continuing on the Spring cleaning, I’ve started tackling our spare room at home, in which I have my desk, rack of models, backlog, and pretty much everything hobby related.  Now that I’ve got the time, I’ve been slowly reorganizing the room.  First off, starting with my mess of a desk.



Still have a ways to go around my server area and rack area though.   Here’s my current rack state.

Running out of room…

While cleaning and reorganizing, I’ve moved my backlog to the bedroom for the time being.  The picture here has my entire backlog of stuff except for the MG Ex[S] Gundam and PG Char’s Zaku II.  I showed this picture to GaiGun and Buster the other day at our Gunplar meet up in Akiba, and the initial comment from Buster was “Look at all those Zaku II’s!”  I realize I have quite a lot of Zaku building to do…

The infamous backlog

Having finished the Wing Gundam, the plan is to finish up the Unicorn Gundam (finally!) and figure out where to go from there.  Although the Musha Mk II is out in just a week…

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