Master Grade Wing Gundam Finished

Just a quick note that I finished the MG Wing, and not to pat myself on the back, but it is looking really nice.  Will be shooting more pictures tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Master Grade Wing Gundam Finished

  1. The color scheme is rocking! I like the blue grey color instead of the stock blue. I also like how the eyes sort of glows, where is the light source from?

  2. That gray blue/blue gray is really awesome! The whole color scheme is refreshing ^^ Though I would’ve think the feet would look better in that blue gray also instead of the pink. Still… looking forward to the whole photoshoot!

  3. @igro: I’ll be waiting for the waterslides, but those won’t to be released until July unfortunately.

    @G.G.: It’s strange, but that’s just the eye sticker, since I decided not to paint the eyes myself. It certainly does look like it glows, doesn’t it?

    Thanks to the rest for the compliments!

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