Double Victory!

ASM and GaiGun are proud to present the finished products of our first collaboration.  Without further ado, we present to you the results of the Victory Gundam Ver. Ka Duo Project!

Double Victory!

Of course, that’s one shot of many.  GaiGun will have the specifics of his colors on his blog, but for mine, I went literally all Pearl colors.  You’re seeing Pearl Green with a Pearl Light Blue, with touches of Metallic Black, all covered with a Pearl Gloss finish.  I’ll cover more of the specifics in upcoming posts, but first I have to thank my partner in this project for going above and beyond in taking a ton of great pictures.  The gallery today is the first of at least two galleries of photos taken by GaiGun, finishing off with the gallery of informal shots we took in Akiba.

But who wants to read text?  Here’s a bunch of pictures for you to check out.  Comments, thoughts, and questions are always appreciated!

5 thoughts on “Double Victory!

  1. They came up beautifully. The level of detail and precision is outstanding for what is essentially a glorified 1/144!

    Beautiful work. It’s quite interesting to note that each colour compliments it’s corresponding colour on the other’s model, and they both compliment each other on the whole as well.

    2 plamo I’d be prou;d to call my own. Well done guys.

  2. Very nice.

    Somehow looking at them makes me think of those carshow girls in glossy colored tops & white mini dresses.

    Job well done, I like the image of the two gundams bumping fists.

  3. That’s awesome! I’m usually not fond of gloss nor pearl but you made it work on the V! Nice job :D. Hope there are action shots in the next gallery as well!

  4. yeah the pearl does work quite well! i like it! nice finish for both of you. i dont think i would have applied all the decals myself but i know you two were going for the complete look. excellent job on the core fighter as well.

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