The Smallest Gundam there ever was, times 2

You can call this one built, painted, decaled, and DONE.

GaiGun will be taking these off for the photoshoot, look forward to it. In the meantime, get ready for….

7 thoughts on “The Smallest Gundam there ever was, times 2

  1. I thought you planning to buy the HD color + Ms cage @_@ I still curious with what HD color means since I don’t see any differences other than cage and the pink psyco frame @_@

  2. For a near 2,000 yen price difference, the cage alone just wasn’t worth it. Plus there wasn’t enough of a dfifference in the color, as well. The HD color point is moot as well if you end up painting the kit too.

    • true if display the unicorn in destroy mode or with his weapons that cage also useless!
      hmm well let me see the color differences then since I haven’t find a site that do comparison between HD color and OVA ver

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