Decal Hell

As the title of this post clearly states, I’m currently knee deep in decal hell.  To quote a mail I sent to GaiGun earlier.

So, I vote we track down Katoki down and beat him within an inch of his life with a giant, heavy stack of decals.  I reaaally think the man put on a f***load of decals just because he can.  what a c***. /end katoki rant.

Yeah, Sinanju is easy compared to the Victory in terms of decaling.  Not only is the Victory obviously smaller in size, it makes said decals even smaller, and to top it off there are more than the Sinanju.  My cohort in this affair has a much nicer post regarding this issue than I do.

However, I am halfway done with the decaling, and we’re on track to finish up by this weekend.  Which means big reveal sometime in the next week or two?  Maybe, just maybe.   Of course we’ll be jumping right into the Unicorn GBP which will slowly gear up into speed from mid-March I think.

13 thoughts on “Decal Hell

  1. yeah, it’s kind of overkill in a way. it’s like someone crapped red sprinklets or something on a gundam, that’s how bad his decals are getting it seems. at least you’d think he’d get some new designs. they’re like literally the same circle and lines of text that was used on the sinanju and unicorn. You’d think he’d at least get some new designs on his caution sybmols. Bah.

    Oh and mail sent too.

  2. I thought Sinanju was bad enough…but I wasn’t expecting you to say something like that about V gundam. Plus its so small and with so many decals…I think my eyes will get crampS after that…

  3. There are 101 numbered decals plus 33 of the lettered decals for a total of 134. Add in that that most of those numbered/lettered decals are 2+ (for left/right sides) up to 9(!) of a single caution decal, so, over all I wouldn’t hesitate to say there’s around 300(!!) decals to put on this thing. GaiGun has a scan of it up, and my curious self just might actual count them to depress myself even further.

  4. man -_- the only thing make me bored do gunpla. is decal I haven’t attach decal to all my MG yet. the only one have decal is my MG unicorn and only 4 attach before I feel sleepy! I gave Up let all my kits decaless

  5. 329!? It usually takes me a min or 2 to get a decal on right. If I use a min to get each decal on, that means that I need about a freaking 6 hours to do it nonstop!?? LOL

  6. darn o_o i havent done decals yet on my models but that sounds like a living nightmare, with so many one can get enough practice to put a decal really fast

  7. GG: Add in the fact that there are a lot of tight fits here, and the little clear area of the decal will actually stick off edges, or what not, and then you need to spend extra time trimming before you even apply the decal. I’ve used softer for some, but then if you don’t have it set right and try to move the decal then you have a higher risk of ripping it.
    I’ve had about 4 or 5 waterslide “malfuctions” which means I’ve had to fall back to the included decals or dry transfers. meh.

  8. Damn, that many? I’m picturing a Victory that looks to be afflicted with a hellish case of the measles.
    I don’t like the look of the little decals anyways, I’ll probably only put a few on mine.

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