MG Unicorn Group Build Project

While I’m still in the middle of my first collaboration of the year, I’m happy to announce that the second project of the year has already been decided.  That being a follow up to last year’s GAF Sinanju Group Build Project, the GAF Unicorn GBP.   

This group build is of course open to all, so for fellow Unicorn lovers, please take a look at the following thread on GAF.   There is already a strong start with Gaijin Gunpla and Lupes from It’s a Gundaaam joining in.

Plans are to start Mid-March with the release of the new OVA MG Unicorn kits. 

We now return you to your regularly scheduled State of the Gunpla Union.

6 thoughts on “MG Unicorn Group Build Project

  1. I think a creatively painted 1/48 unicorn bust would be an acceptable entry. Rob? MoeMoe feel free to come by and post some pics of your completed MG UNicorn to help inspire us!! ^^

  2. haha sorry I am study overseas atm. left all my gunpla and the backlogs at home will back 2 months later hahhaa

    I just seeing many modeler build unicorn display stand lately so I just asking about that

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