The State of the Gunpla Union – 030110

New month, new state of the Gunpla union.  Yep, It’s March already, January and February just flew by for me.

First up, Gundam  talk.  It’s my turn to talk about the upcoming releases that have my fellow Gunplars (and I as well, admittedly) in a furor.  So what’s on this humble Gunplar’s watch/rant list?  

MG Musha Gundam Mk-II

Um, yes, I’ll take one please.  The bad boy of Gundam Musou makes his appearance.  I can see this kit being very suited to my twilight color scheme as well.  No need for a special overprice glorious set like the original Musha Gundam either, I’ll take it just as it is.  It will also be interested to see how the Gundam V2.0 frame is used, considering this looks to be a much builker mobile suit than the Gundam.  Pricing is tentatively set at 6,300 yen, or around 4,400 yen at most retailers in Japan, and scheduled for a May release.

 MG Wing Gundam

Buster at Plamo Addiction said it best, but this is the Gundam that started it for a lot of Americans.  Suprisingly enough, it’s taken them this long to bring out a kit of the original anime version.  No endless waltz versions, or version Ka’s or PG’s here.  Simple MG TV series goodness.  I’ve got friends who’ve said if they’d ever build a kit, this is what they want to build.  Well here it is, at a nice price of 4,200 yen (2,900ish yen! in Japan) scheduled for an April release.  I’m in the same boat as Buster on picking this one up based on principle, Wing Gundam wasn’t even my favorite Gundam from Gundam Wing (that would be Deathscythe, of course, along with the Epyon), but it is still nostalgic to me as it’s literally America’s First Gundam.  

MG Unicorn HD Color Ver. + Cage

Box art is bad ass.  It looks like I might double dip on this one, a March 11th release @ 7,785 yen (again, 5,500 or so for those in Japan).  Unicorn is really a sexy beast, I can rationalize by saying I’ll keep my original Unicorn in Unicorn mode, and build this one in Destroy mode.  Yeah, that’s it…hehe.

Other March releases of interest include two more Gundam Unicorn HGUC kits, the Re-Zel Commander type and the Loto, this then apparently concludes the current rush of Gundam Unicorn stuff as is apparent from Bandai’s move back to other series for the time being.  As noted elsewhere, they’re most likely going to start lumping most things under one HG line, but this in itself is a maybe.  Currently there are three HG lines, HGUC, HG Seed, and HG 00.  HG Seed hasn’t seen releases for a long time so I guess it’s done, but the amount of kits there alone seem to rival HGUC with it’s current 100+.  HG 00 of course is still going, but for the most part they consist of the same kit, in different colors, or slowly adding weapons to it.  Anyways, It may be that this “Across the Universal Century” idea, which in itself is bad English, will address the older HG kits that weren’t properly scaled, or are quite outdated.  Aside from the Gundam X and God Gundam, could this mean new kits for shows such as Gundam V, W, X, Y, Z?  Oh wait, there was no Y there.  Anyways, only time will tell, but I am interested to see if they will “update” older kits this way then, and bring older HGUC kits into the 2010s.   

Oh as to what the name, “Across the Universal Century” says to me, it comes across as UC kits only, so why non-UC kits?  The Japanese translation, at least according to Dengeki Hobby is 「宇宙世紀を超えて」what our Japanese friends apparently meant “going beyond the Universal Century” but unfortunately, they decided to go with the literal translation of koeru, to end up being “Crossing” or “Across”

Seriously, Bandai, you need an English checker over there in Shizuoka?  I’m willing to move, just give me the job. 

Ahem.  Moving on, the latest March release schedule shows those special edition PG’s set for release on the 18th, I’m still surprised that there aren’t any pictures yet, considering that they are to be released in less than three weeks.  Looking forward to seeing how these kits are going to look.  So basically my March wish list (otherwise known as the if I could afford it and the wife wouldn’t kill me for buying all this Gunpla list) for March consists of the MG Unicorn + Cage and HGUC Loto Twin Set on the 11th, the Re-Zel Commander version and PG Gundam Special Edition on the 18th.  Hmm… yeah, that all isn’t happening…   

I will admit after my January rant of over priced MG/PG goods, it seems like stuff coming out now and in the future are reasonably priced, outside of a few kits (Titanium Sinanju, I’m looking at you.  You too, Trans-am Exia).  Some kits especially are quite nice for the price, the SD Unicorn, and the MG Astray Red Frame are two that come to mind.  Both are selling amazingly well, to the point of being literally sold out, which is something I’ve never seen with Gunpla to this point.  The amount of volume you get with the MG Astray is mind-boggling it seems, and puts the PG to shame.  Not that I’ll be picking it up.  I will say two words about the SD Unicorn:

Highly recommended.

What other Gundam news is there?  Unicorn OVA was good, glad I rented it off of PSN.  Don’t think I could justify the cost of the blu-ray though for only what amounts to about 50 minutes of animation.  Again, quality animation is great, but waiting six months for another episode seems long.  Gundam 00 was done in HD, and they did that weekly.  I know OVA’s are a step up from TV quality, but fifty minutes shouldn’t take that long.  I guess it’s kind of depressing because this probably means it’ll take a total of 3 years (Episode 6 in fall 2012?) to finish at this series…  Speaking of Gundam movies, the 00 trailer is out, still kind of up in the air, don’t know if I’ll see it in the theaters, or just wait.  Depends on what goodies they have for advance ticket sales maybe.

Anyways, what’s on your purchase list for March, and for those who saw the first episode of Gundam Unicorn, thoughts?

10 thoughts on “The State of the Gunpla Union – 030110

  1. One word for the new unicorn series Epic….

    Seeing that opening fight between Jegans and Kshatriya was pure joy and the rezel vs Kshatriya fight was like omg….I initially thought I could avoid buying kits from this series but looks like I’ll be getting the rezel commander, loto, stark jegans…seeing the anime really gets one pumped up for the kits! Indeed a fantastic start for gunpla this year 😀 Now awaiting the 1/144 version of Sinanju and Jesta!

    Now for that 6 month wait……argh…

  2. I will go for that SD 😀
    for gundam unicorn HG color + cage kinda annoying since they make 2 set one with cage and one without and announced the cage first >_< good if people want the cage but if not they need to pay 2800 yen more

  3. @Chubby: definitely some great fights, the latter half was pretty damn good. I will admit I liked how it was quick and too the point on things. Guess when you have only 50 minutes to work with, you can’t waste time whining and pansying around like you see in the TV shows. That’s a good thing!

    @Moemoekyun: Well, it’s also for the HD coloring and what not, but I still kind of want to see a completed kit in person before I make the final plunge.

    @Tonzo: Trancending, that’s exactly the word I was looking for, I think they need to give you the job my friend 😉

  4. ah I forgot that HD color what that’s mean too @_@

    for sinanju titanium finish and exia trans am I remember last year HLJ dump unicorn titanium at 50% sale and NG 1/100 exia at 50% sale ORZ will this happen to sinanju TXE and MG exia TA too

  5. Definitely getting the Unicorn HD Color + Cage. I held off on the unicorn like I held off on the PG astray, now it’s my time! GAF Group Build! I said it first. Let’s make it happen. I will also be picking up the Musha Gundam MK-ii when it hits. So much gunpla, so little (free) time. How am I ever supposed to study for the nikyu JLPT?

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