The Smallest Gundam there ever was – Part 2

So, I was planning on doing a fairly in depth WiP with our collaboration project, but a couple of things have held that back.

The biggest factor is that there are a lot of small interlocking pieces crammed in there (you can see some in GaiGun’s post here), with us holding back various pieces for painting, that kind of makes it hard to explain. After the final photo session I may come back and do a giant dump of wip pictures so you can see how things went.

Again though as GaiGun has touched on it as well in his latest post, I have to praise Katoki and the engineers who worked out this design, because it is truly amazing that they worked out such detail in a kit that’s not bigger than your average HG.

When you get down to it, it’s not that long of a build, I’ve got the arms, feet, and waist/torso done, with legs and head/fighter left to go. Mainly the kit just feels delicate. Add into it paint, which minutely adds layers and size to pieces and now I’m afraid to really move stuff around for fear of scratching it. I’ve mentioned to GaiGun this, but most likely I’ll be keeping my Victory in Gundam mode with it’s additional fighter to prevent paint scratches from the part swapping/transformation gimmick.

On the plus side, the paint has come out really well, considering how small the pieces are. I did use primer this time around and it certainly helped on making the new color go on nicely. Still the frustration with cans is how much spray you waste trying to get a coat of paint on a piece, along with at the same time trying not to overdo it and have paint runs or buildup. Somehow I get the feeling that my best paint job will always be the Sinanju, and I wonder if that’s because I did everything from 30+ centimeters…. Which lead to more waste and more cans use. Again good arguments to look into getting an airbrush…

Anyways, I do want to give you some shots of what I have done, so here are a couple of the torso using the clear parts as holders.

The torso area from the front.

From the side.

With the arms attached.

Parts primed and ready to be painted.

My end is going a little slower I think, but hopefully I should be done with the initial build by the weekend. Follow up with panel lining, and the eternal boredom of really tiny waterslides…

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