The Smallest Gundam there ever was

Let’s get the ball rolling on this. Like GaiGun, things are busy for me as well, so I’ve only finally been able to sit down with this kit serious yesterday. One thing is I haven’t noticed much V Gundam talk on English blogs, so this collaboration will perhaps be one of the first serious looks at this kit.

In a word, this Victory will be small. As GaiGun has mentioned、lots of small pieces, but they’ve also managed to pack in a fairly tight transformation and inner frame into this. How small is this? Take a look at these runners.

The runner on the left is the V Gundam, the one on the right is?

The right is actually from the HGUC Hazel Custom.

Yeah, that’s right, we’re talking the same size as 1/144 pieces, in an MG. That also means the waterslides, of which there are more than the Sinanju I think, will be small too. Man, I’m hoping I don’t break/slice/rip anything here…

Anyways, as mentioned, we’ll be painting all but the white pieces and inner frame with this build. Thankfully there isn’t much to paint, and I can actually worry about that later since the included bonus clear runner is the same runner as the blue parts.

The colored runners with the clear one.

All snipped out and put aside.

I’ve started on the arm and shoulder, which I can do save for the lower arm which requires a red part. Again, as you can see, a lot of small pieces for such a tiny arm.

Completed on the left and needed parts on the right.

The plan is to finish up the legs today and tomorrow and hopefully prime Saturday and do initial painting on Sunday, but that depends on weather and wife!

4 thoughts on “The Smallest Gundam there ever was

  1. Good job! I have been busy with things that may resemble a life and haven’t got past the legs yet. They’re all done, though. And look nice. I hope to paint this sunday, if weather permits.

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