The ASM & GaiGun MG Victory Gundam Collaboration

An American Salaryman in Tokyo and Gaijin Gunpla (hereafter, ASM & GaiGun) are proud to announce their first collaboration project.  They will both be building the Master Grade Victory Gundam “Ver. Ka” kits, in their own color and styles, building up to a reveal in the photoshoot to be done at the GaiGun photo studio.  ASM and GaiGun have settled on the following goals to be loosely adhered to in their build:

  • Aside from the white parts and inner frame, the kit will be painted.
  • The official waterslides will be utilized.
  • The final colors will be kept secret until both kits are finished and photographed.

ASM and GaiGun are both very excited to bring you this new collaboration, which is a culmination of an evening of drinking in Akihabara.  Alcohol and an idle idea from GaiGun has led to what they hope to be an exciting first in many to come collaborations.  Please look forward to it!

Yep, that’s our official release in what I hope will be a first in many collaborations with many fellow Gunplar’s to come.  Yeah, I know I hated on the Victory, but alcohol and the idea of doing a build with a friend was something that appealed to me.  Gunpla by yourself is cool, but Gunpla with many is even cooler.  You’ll note in the picture we both also picked up the HGUC Hazel Custon so you already see one of our future collaborations right there.  We’ll be putting up various shots I’m sure during our build, but the colors will be a secrect until the end. 

In the mean time, I do have some other stuff planned as well, mainly on the HGUC side, so plenty of things to look forward too!

6 thoughts on “The ASM & GaiGun MG Victory Gundam Collaboration

  1. Ya! cheap gunpla is awesome. What you don’t see in this picture is the gentleman (term used loosely) sitting at the DYI photo print booth editing dozens of pictures of the same naked woman. I love akihabara.

  2. lol thats awesome! akihabara is a great place. and yeah… cheap gunpla can be as much a curse as it is a blessing…

    but im glad to see a group build from you two! this is the type of stuff that makes gunpla great!

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