Let’s kick the Gundam off with..

Could it be? Yes, it’s time for the first serious Gundam post of the year. Time to get back on that horse. While I should get back on track with the PG 00 Gundam, I’m going to start off with a little something that showed up while I was in the states.


What could this be?

Yep, something I totally forgot about (I tend to have this happen a lot it seems), the Gundam 30th Anniversary Premium Box, which was only available through Bandai’s Premium Hobby website.

Premium = Limited baby

This Limited Premium set is also numbered, and it looks like I got a fairly low number. Would have been nice to get in within the first 100, but you take what you can get.


It’s a big box too

Bigger than I thought it would be.

So what exactly does the Premium Box come with? Well, it comes with clear versions of all the main Gundam’s from the television series. Movies, OVAs, and the upcoming Unicorn Gundam aren’t part of it, but all in all you end up with 13 kits. It also comes with a full color booklet which covers each TV series.

Opened up

The kits, in order of TV series

The inner box has a picture of the completed set

The booklet

Another shot

The kits themselves slide out of the cardboard “box” which features the original cover art of the original kit, as well as when the kit was first release. In a way, some of these kits themselves are pretty hard to find now a days, so this is a good way to get them, albeit they are the clear versions.

The original Gundam 1/144 kit, all in one runner!

The more recent 00 Gundam

The Turn A, which I’ve never seen in stores. I’d love to find the 1/144 kapool…

Seeing the original box art is pretty cool too

Overall, this is a really neat set, and the collector value seems to be fairly high. For the time being I’m not planning on building any of the kits, simply because it’ll fall into the if you build one, you gotta build them all. So for the time being I’ll just covet my nice shiny black premium box.

13 thoughts on “Let’s kick the Gundam off with..

  1. Looks really nice.. I wouldn’t build them since this is a collector’s set of sorts and I don’t really like 1/144s.

    But it would be nice to see this (unbuilt) on a shelf.. :3

  2. Yeah, I agree with the ‘save this’ sentiment. They’re a good display piece but building them would seem wrong.

    Also, obligatory joke about Destiny Gundam being the protagonist for GSD due to Kirajack.

  3. I will definitely not build them! If I have them of course… keep them for 20-30 years and see how much the price can go up with this baby, but still…

  4. Jacques: I don’t remember off the top of my head but I think it was around 15,000 yen, around there. So for 13 kits that’s roughly 1,150~1,200 yen a kit, which ends of being quite reasonable!

    Lupes: Let me check some of my sources the next time I’m in Akiba, and if I can’t pick it up here I might ask you to do me the favor.

    Overall, I will not be building any of the kits, as the collecter’s value is just too much to just ruin it by building on of the kits on a whim. Now just to find a good place to show off the nice and shiny “Thank you” !

  5. @mangyver: Unfortunately I don’t recall off the top of my head, but it was fairly cheap, compared to a lot of other event only kits. I believe it was around 2,600~2,800 yen.

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