Back in Japan

Just a brief note to let you all know I’m back in Japan.  Unfortunately the preparation to go back to the states for the first time in 15 months, along with the handover of work responsibilities ended up keeping me busy until the last minute and I wasn’t able to get any content prepared for while I was away.  Anyways, had a good 10 days in America, spending five days at home relaxing and the rest of the time with my best friends in Dallas along with my best friend’s wedding.  Man, Japan’s got nothing on the American bachelor party, that’s all I can (legally) say at this point.  

Anyways, please give me a few more days to get unpacked and settled and we’ll finally get 2010 started here at the ASM Blog.  Unfortunately I’m still in “America” mode, so getting used to packed trains, smaller portions of food, and Japan in general looks like it’ll take some time…  got to go through my fellow Gunplar’s blogs as well to catch up!

8 thoughts on “Back in Japan

  1. GaiGun: I think if you do the MNP you should be able to get one fairly easy. They kind of do ask for a credit card I think if your visa is close to expiring. As for getting together, I agree, we got a lot of catching up to do, so how about the 14th or the 20th, if your wife is well enough to let you out. If you can hold off until the 13th, I’m free on that day, and I can go with you if you want.

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