The State of the Gunpla Union – 010610

Welcome all to the first State of the Gunpla Union of 2010.  While a lot of folks focused on the last year models, stats and what not in their year end/start posts, I’ll save all that for the one year anniversary, which conveniently happens to be at the end of this month.  To a certain extent though, this is mainly because it just doesn’t feel like a new year to me yet.  Call it a hum-drum time with the in-laws (yes free beer is nice, but what else is there to do?) but the whole “2009 is over, 2010 is here and it’s going to be great” feeling just hasn’t hit me.  Again, this is the somewhat jaded in Japan cynical Salaryman talking here, so don’t mind me too much.  Still, it’s been somewhat of a lackluster year end and start I feel, and due to being busy with work and having to spend time at the in-laws my Gunpla progress has grinded to a halt currently.

But, 2010 right? One thing I was looking forward to was the start of Bandai’s Club MG.  Finally, I thought, we can put those gunpla numbers packed in most MG boxes to use!  It’s double points as well for January!  So I went though and rounded up all my numbers, got registered, and excitedly put in my first number.  Only to have it pop up “Please input your number correctly”  So, I go back and look, and it seems that the only numbers it will let you input in is the ones included in the MG clear parts campaign.  Honestly Bandai, that’s a shitty move.  You promote the MG club, but then don’t let us use the numbers we have?  What’s funnier is they rank it at 20, 40, and 60 points to hit the gold level.  Even if you buy each model and input the number during the double points campaign, you can only get 44 points.  So they want you to buy 30 kits at least to hit the gold level.  Honestly, I find that a shitty way to treat people who’ve been collecting the points as they’ve faithfully bought the kits already over the years. 

Speaking of the clear parts kits, to be honest, a vast majority of them just don’t look good in my opinion, the only one I find good looking is the Nu Gundam.  This is because it gives you both a leg and arm so that makes it look much better then say the Zaku which gives you a thigh or something like that.  Seriously, WTF.   Now the problem comes is that I’ve already got a Nu in my backlog, so obviously I don’t want to double-dip, but if I do, I could make the Double Fin Funnel Nu Gundam…..  But enough ranting about the clear parts/club mg campaign.

Now that the Gundam 30th Anniversary is over, Bandai has found a good way to milk it with the Gunpla 30th Anniversary for this year.  This shall be interesting to see, but seeing as how last year was already a huge year in terms of Gunpla release with both 2 PG’s, the 00 and Unicorn franchises ramping up, and more, my wallet is already running for the hills.  To be honest though, this year will be a year of more selective choices as unfortunately the economy still isn’t getting better, and my salary isn’t increasing.  The only series I’m truly interested though right now is the Unicorn franchise and the ongoing UC timeline.  While I built the Exia and the PG 00 Gundam Raiser, I think I’ll be staying away from that franchise as well as others.  Again, time, space, and most importantly money. 

So my current hopes for this year?  More releases from the Unicorn Gundam, preferably MG, and still holding out for a PG Unicorn.  It seems that we will not be getting a new MG in March, but the titanium version of the Sinanju instead.  I already have a kick ass version of a Sinanju so building another is out of the picture for the time being.  I will admit I’m looking to see how Titanium Red will look, as the Titanium Unicorn looked just like the regular white model got dirty to me.    Also looking on finishing out my backlog, and figuring out exactly where to put all the models.  On learning techniques and painting, all around I’m planning on holding off on painting and even considering something like an airbrush for at least six months as both paint and the airbrush cost more money than I think I can afford to spend.  On the other hand though, I do want to improve my photography technique, as my admittedly weak point is pictures.

So in other words, my goals this year is to go through my back log in the most cost efficient way that I can, while improving my photography.  This doesn’t mean I won’t be picking up new kits, just that I’m going to be a lot more selective than I was this year.

So, January’s schedule.  I’ll be out of the country (Japan) for about 10 days, but I’m planning to have my 1 year stuff go up during that time (got to start writing!), but I should have the PG 00 Gundam waterslided and done before I leave…

11 thoughts on “The State of the Gunpla Union – 010610

  1. Just a word on the clear parts campaign. The pictures you see aren’t representative of what you can do with the clear parts. I am currently building the RX-78-2 Ver 2.0 with clear parts and if you looked at the picture you would think you only got parts for half a skirt, one arm, and some leg, but I have enough clear parts to build it with both full clear arms, most of the legs, and entire skirt. More on my blog (shameless plug) (gomen) (uso) (warau) (I need to get out of japan)

  2. I’m hoping for more MGs from the Unicorn OVA.. Like the Geara Zulu, ReZEL, Jegan and if its not asking too much a Kshatriya.

    About the pictures, they look fine though the lighting is sometimes inconsistent. Also try experimenting with the angles xD

  3. I stood up and clap after reading each of the paragraphs of your state of the gunpla union address.

    Totally agreeing on going back to my back logs & improving my photography as well. Hope to see more quality post on your blog this year.

  4. @Buster: You and me both there. One can dream and hope, since we’ve seen them show off a 1/35 model. What better way to capitalize on the Unicorn Gundam OVA release then to pimp more merch, right?

    @Syful: A PG Sinanju would be even more imposing than a PG Unicorn, would love to see one myself, but I would imagine it would be huge and quite an engineering feat to balance out the weight.

    @GaiGun: Thanks for the tip, I’ve been following your triple build close. Now that I think about it, you are getting the full runner so there should be a lot of pieces left over. Still, I believe some models look better than others with the clear parts! And I’m definitely looking forward to getting out of Japan this month!

    @Arein: Same here on the MG’s. I would imagine an MG Kshatriya would be considerably huge, so maybe a no go. Thinking about it, there hasn’t been a MG Psycho Gundam either, and I would imagine it’s due to size more than transformation gimmick. Agreed on the lighting issue, it’s something I’m constantly trying to improve and fine tune.

    @GunGuy: Welcome back fellow Gunplar, I know things are rough for you right now, but we’re happy to have you back.

  5. I think if Bandai released a PG Unicorn my head would explode from glee..I’ll settle with the new OVA one though. I hear you though, they’ve been kinda rough on us lately…That club MG stuff is a low low LOW blow.

  6. I don’t have the stuff in front of me here at home, but I beleive the gunpla site states that it’s only the numbers in the campaign releases. Also it’s in the ads too as well in print mags. The small print of course.

    On a side note found my hg 1/100 gundam w kits here at home, man I sucked at these. May take a few pictures but really dusty and stuff after sitting in a box in my closet for ten years, hah

  7. There is another round of clear part kits being released soon. Sazabi anyone? This will make it somewhere around 37 MG kits or so. I am sure Bandai has plans to release them all. I have done 3 of the clear part kits so far, nowhere near enough to get me anything.

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