Happy New Year!

A rather belated, but Happy New Year to all.  I had actually planned on putting up some new content before the end of the year, but ran out of time before having to head off to the in-laws for the year-end holidays.  I didn’t get back until the other day so no special New Years post either I’m afraid.  That’ll be the one year anniversary post I guess. 

 The schedule for this month will be fairly light, the Gundam Decal waterslides for the PG 00 Gundam are finally out so I picked up the 00 Gundam ones, and plan on applying those over the next week or two.  I plan on finishing it up by the 22nd as I’ll be on a short vacation to the US for a wedding and there will be no updates until February most likely.

 Anyways, still alive and will crank out a State of the Gunpla union with my 2010 first half goals sometime this week.

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