Merry Christmas!

I hope all are having a happy and Merry Christmas where ever you may be.  Having taken the day off myself I thought I would treat myself to a couple of new HGUCs.  The Unicorn (Destroy Mode) and the Geara Zulu.  The Geara Zulu itself seems to be a hot seller because they were sold out and I got the last one.  I also picked up the new issue of Dengeki Hobby which comes a DVD covering the PG OO Raiser and stickers for the 1/48 Unicorn Head stand for the last issue.  Dengeki Hobby is really putting out quality issues and swag each month, I may have to look into a subscription perhaps should it save a little money. 

Anyways, again, Merry Christmas to all!

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. you wont save that much with a subscription. like 500-1000 yen for the whole year. do if you dont want to be bothered with going to the store to pick it up for yourself.

    merry xmas!

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