WiP: PG 00 Raiser #05

Knocked out quite a bit of this kit over the weekend. After I built the feet, I decided to build the entire inner frame first, and then will go back to do the outer armor. I’ve decided that I’ll panel line, decal, and top coat (flat) the 00 Gundam itself. The main problem is that there are quite a bit of stickers and clear parts for the GN Condensers so I’m going to have to leave those off to top coat then add later. Also, the decals that the kit come with are of the dry transfer type, while I’m not against dry transfer, I had a fairly good experience with the water slides for the Sinanju, so I’m debating picking up the water slides of the 00 and using them here too. The only thing is that I’m not sure when they’ll be available, and that they are split among two releases, so that means 600 yen extra to get both. Bandai sure is milking this kit for what it’s worth.

Anyways, let’s get to the first build, the feet. The feet here really remind you that you’re not building a 1/44, or 1/100, but a monsterous 1/60. The design here follows the MG Exia in that you have three areas of movement, but one ups it with some pretty amazing movement in the ankle. Add in the rubber soles, which was a great innovation brought to the line by the PG Astray, and you’ve got a very solid base to start with.

The internal bits of the feet.

Putting on the outer armor.

The rubber strips for grip, a great idea.

The ankle joint, full of side and front/bank movement.

And feet done, sweet and simple.

So now we move into the legs, I actually haven’t built the GN condensers yet, figured I see how it looks beforehand. One major thing about this kit, is the use of the O shape. It makes sense of course, considering it’s the 00 Gundam which bases its lineage on Exia and the 0 Gundam itself, but there is a lot of “O” area’s. The biggest area of course being the knee area, and when you stop to think about it, it’s fairly unique. Most Gundams go with the simple knee with piston’s etc. A large amount of hologram strips are used here, even though it looks like a majority of them won’t even be visible. Guess you get the satisfaction of knowing you put them there though.

First off, starting on the upper thigh to knee area.

Connecting it to the gigantic O ringers which serve as the knee area.

Fleshing out the upper thigh so to say.

The upper thigh is very sturdy, and “clicks” as you move it back.

Moving onto the lower part of the lag, which uses more hologram strips as you see.

The almost completed legs, sans GN Condenser in the knees.

A brief interlude to complete the leg to waist connectors.

The clamps seen here are used to “hold” the condenser in I believe.

The final tidbits for the leg.

Completed leg from the side.

Completed leg from the front.

Overall the legs feel to be a sturdy build, and when building, you certainly get the feeling that you are adding “layer” after “layer” to parts, rather than just having on giant part pre-fabricated for you. Again, the upper thigh clicks into place, making it sturdy, and a little hard to actually move without putting some power into it. That’s actually kind of scary to do, but unlike a 1/144, or even 1/100, you can get away with some power without risking a major break. At least, I hope so.

While we’re at it, we might as well knock out the waist. I believe this was mentioned elsewhere, but the 0 Raiser is the first PG kit to not come with die cast parts for the waist, or any at all. This was kind of worrisome, considering that if the waist can’t handle balance and weight, well, you’re stuck with a model that either can’t stand or can’t pose.

A fairly simple build however, with movable part to adjust height for the leg joint.

Which is locked by a piece of plastic up front.

Then just add front and back parts.

And you get a fairly simplistic waist.

And the inner frame is done from the waist down.

Looks to have no problems kneeling at this point.

I need to go back to finish the knee GN condensers, but overall the build so far has been fairly easy, I’m not really worrying about sprue damage on the inner armor as you won’t be seeing it. I’m most likely not going to order the clear parts, or if I do I may pass them on to someone who buys the kit outside of Japan and can’t get the parts. There are quite a few hologram strips to stick in, and they fit for the most part ok, but you may want tweezers or something similar to help you poke them into the crevices where they are supposed to go. Again, movement is really good, but that’s without the bulkier outer armor so we’ll see how that changes.

In the next post or two I’ll forge ahead and knock out the torso, head, and arms.

-PG 00 Raiser: Box B – 0 Raiser Build-
WiP Part #1 time: 1.5 hours
WiP Part #2 time: 3.0 hours
WiP Part #3 time: 1.5 hours

-PG 00 Raiser: Box A – 0 Gundam Build-
WiP Part #4: 1.5 hours
WiP Part #5: 4.0 hours

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