WiP: PG 00 Raiser #02

Knocked out the rest of the 00 Raiser, which having gone back through is divided into 4 main parts: The nose, body, engine and side binders.  I finished the nose, which I mistakenly called the cockpit, along with the engine last time.   So this time we’ll do the body and side binders to finish off the 00 Raiser.      

Here are the parts that will make up the main body which serves to connect all the other parts together.

So it turns out that what I thought was the cockpit because of the colored canopy, actually isn’t.  It’s the bland looking part at the top of the picture.

Here we attach the engine to the back and put the cockpit in.  This was actualy kind of a pain to get to fit snugly in.

And now with the engine and nose connected.  Seriously, the front looks like an obvious cockpit to me.

Building the side connects for the binders


Last up we have the side binders, otherwise known as “wings” to those with sense.

So lots of parts to put together, the bottom half here.

The top part here.

And finishing it off with the missle rack (blue part)

And the movable extension things for the wings

Spread out

Attach them to the side of the side binders

And this is what you get.  In a way they look like mini ships themselves.

Attached and we’re done.

Ends up being fairly big!

Side shot

Back shot

So pushing through the build with nothing but cleaning the snipped areas from the runners, I completed the 00 Raiser in about a little over 4 hours.  My reaction to this is well… it’s not really bad, but then again it’s not really “damn this is cool” either.  To be honest, the Astray had it’s bad ass swords, the Strike had it’s Aile pack, and the 00 Gundam gets .. a ship?  That is flown by a pacifist, and doesn’t really bring anything bad ass to the table.  I think this is where you see that the writers of the show said “you know what, we want to please the folks who grew up with the brand, and now earn the money, but we need to have something that appeals to the 10 year olds to get them to bug their parents to buy the toys.  I know, lets throw in some 合体 and have stuff connecting to become Voltron bigger and therefore cooler!” Yes folks, this is how the 00 Raiser was born, they have to bring in the Shonen crowd.   Anyways, to the older crowd, I just don’t see attraction.  It’s again, not bad, but not great either.   This is of course as a stand alone, so my opinion may change once I’ve built the 00.

Next up, knocking out the weapons.

WiP Part #1 time: 1.5 hours
WiP Part #2 time: 3.0 hours

2 thoughts on “WiP: PG 00 Raiser #02

  1. Looks good so far.

    I’ve never been much of a fan of the 00 as a standalone or as 00-Raiser, so skipping this PG was a no-brainer. And I do believe that the cockpit for 0-Raiser is towards the rear of the body. The orange part is actually a sensor unit. It’s rather confusing,

  2. I think it’s pretty cool. I’m not really sold on it but I am starting to imagine that it will look pretty impressive in person once completed for it’s sheer size and bulk.

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