WiP: PG 00 Raiser #01

I’ve decided to work through this PG kit in reverse, so I’m actually starting with the 00 Raiser.  After working with HGUC’s mainly for the last couple of months, it’s been quite a switch going back to the much bigger 1/60 pieces.  The 00 Raiser itself comes with quite a few large pieces itself, and overall it looks like it’ll be an easy build, at least compared to the mobile suit itself.  One thing you may note with the pictures below, Bandai has gone to a more 3D/Cel shaded look for their construction manual with this release, similar to the Macross kits.  I’m sort of eh about it, but somewhat prefer the regular style used in the MG line…

We start off with the cockpit pieces as you see below.  Simple snap and fit together.

With the cockpit omplte as you see in the upper left, we move onto the engine pieces.

The black protuding parts are linked so they spread out and close at the same time.

Spread out

You see that the movable parts end up looking like the exhaust or engine ports.

Next up the middle part of the 00 Raiser which will shift 90 degrees to connect to the mobile suit.

Twisted 90 degrees here. 

You can slide an inner mechanism in to make sure it the above piece doesn’t twist, but the manual wasn’t too clear on this.  When I locked it and didn’t realize it I thought I had put it together wrong, but upon taking it apart and I realized that it comes with that feature.

WiP Part #1 time: 1.5 hours

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