Upcoming posts for December

OK, well here’s my plans for posting in December.  Now ust to to do it in a timely manner (and in December!)

Again, the mysterious MG, which is really nothing special.  Just got to take the pictures.

Some Extra Finish Vs Extra Finish Fun

Something that showed up that I totally forgot about…

And of course, what will end up happening first…

On an unrelated note, it’s Christmas time again, so that means going off to Disney but that’s the closest thing you’ll get to that “Christmas” feeling in Japan.  Sounds a bit jaded and sad, but somewhat true…  Anyways, one thing that was good it was always fun to take pictures, and I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of the DSLR.  Here’s some of the shots that I took.  Got a ways to go, but I’m working on it.

Candlelight Reflections

McDuck’s Store!

 Neat water shooting things

Tree at American Waterfront

Around the Venice themed area

 Usd a 5 second exposure on this shot

The big tree in the middleof the harbor

Yet more trees


3 thoughts on “Upcoming posts for December

  1. wow.. amazing photos.. very nicely taken!! =D i love how the nite is so dark there.. unlike Singapore where the night is so polluted with lights.. you can hardly see a single star. =( well, enjoy your hols season!! =)

  2. Lovely photos. There’s nothing to stop you decorating your house, buying a roasting bird of some sort and having Christmas at home. I am about to have my first ever Xmas alone this year and I don’t quite know how to feel.

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