Yet more limited items…

As I’ve said before, I’ve got a pretty bad weakness for the “gentei” items.  Gentei (限定) means limited in Japanese.  Unfortunately, slap that word on an item, and you’ll get my attention.  As Gaigun noted in his post today, 7-11 here in Japan has officially started their 7-11 meets Gundam 30th campaign today.  With this comes a variety of Gentai Gundam goods….  it doesn’t help that there is also a 7-11 located right in front of my office, as well as close to where I live at home.

Anyways, I picked up a few of the keychains, like Gai Gun.  All together there’s around 10 to collect.  I myself don’t know what I’ll do with them, but, well, hey, gentei.

Three down…stuff76

They also have a lucky draw available, for 5 bucks.  I gave it a couple of goes…

And we score a pen, mug, and one of the little diorama figuresstuff77

The mug? cup? is actually neat, and functionalstuff83

The diorama thing, is, well, meh…stuff86

 But the real gentei stuff?  Well that would be…

My first regular GFFstuff78

The backstuff79


Well, since this is my first regular GFF, I can only compare it to the GFFMC (My Zeta Plus).  First off, I have to admit, I like the Katoki design of the original Gundam much more than the “regular anime” design.  It comes off more square-ish, but looks much better.  Also, the 7-11 coloring looks good as well.  Now the quality however, is definitely not as good as the GFFMC.  I’ve had the arm pop off when trying to adjust, and the leg armor popped off as well… but well, it’s cool looking, so there you go!  Overall, out of the 7-11’s I stopped by today (yeah, I went to like 5 between my out of office meetings and on the way home) the only one I saw was at the 7-11 by work, and it was the only one they had.

Now, for the other bit of gentei, which apparently most stores again only got one of (and I only found at the store by my home) is the 7-11 Color version of the HGUC Gundam Ver. G30th kit.  You’ll note that the coloring on the GFF torso is red, while the HGUC is green.  Again, pretty cool coloring.  What’s more impressive is that the manual is actually done up with the limited edition kit colors as well.  Most other limited edition kits I’ve seen to date has the same drab manual that comes with the regular edition.

Box artstuff80

Runners and manual, with 7-11 sealsstuff81

The manal itselfstuff82

So with this I realized something.  Despite my being a general fan of Gundam, I don’t own a regular version kit of the RX-78 Gundam.  I’ve avoided it like the plague, but I really like the varients, or as we like to call it, the gentei.  And for the time being, it looks like it’s going to stay that way.

10 thoughts on “Yet more limited items…

  1. Arrrgghhh! I’m dying of jealousy! My wife just told me there are no 7-11’s in Kanazawa! Man I really wanted that money box, haro cushion, towel, keychain, and HG kit.

    Mate if you happen to pick up any doubles in the lucky dip I’d be glad to buy them from you. Posting within Japan would be fine.

    That’s gotta be hard, going past like 5 7-11 stores in one day crammed with limited merchandise..

  2. Also I am a major sucker for 限定. Just can’t help myself. You could put a ‘limited’ sticker on a glass of water and you’d have to hold me back from buying it. Thank goodness for my wife’s frugality. Sometimes..

  3. yeah i can draw the line with gentei items 9/10 times. i bought the oyw mg gundam just because i felt it that it was time that i give that gundam it’s props. not sure if i’m going to pick up any of that stuff. we’ll see how i feel when i come across it. right now i’m trying to ween myself off of buying new stuff because of my massive backlog 😉

  4. Gaigun, do you want me to keep an eye out for the kit? I grabbed one for Tonzo, and I tend to get out more for work. If I see one I’ll snag it if you want, and can give it to you next time we meet up for a beer.

    Buster, you have much stronger will than I do!

  5. Hey Rob,

    Don’t worry about it. In all honesty, I really need to watch the budget these days and I may be taking a break from buying anything gunpla related for a while. Thanks for the offer, though. We definitely will have to get together again for a beer or something.

  6. *jaw drops* goodness! im very envious that you’re able to live in japan and get all these great ‘limited’ stuffs. man.. i would kill to get my hands on those.. XD well.. nice loots you got there. really wish i can get to work and live in japan someday. Limited items are NEVER easy to get outside of japan. let alone pple in japan are alr grabbing it like crazy.. awww. im sure you’re very glad with all these limited items.. =)


  7. Gaigun, OK, no problem. In all honesty (and sounding very hypocritical at the same time) I really need to be doing the same on the budget… And yes, we need to do beer again, maybe around the end of the month? (After payday 😉

    Ren: I’ve checked out your blog before, looks like you managed to get over here and get quite a bit of loot yourself as well! 😉 Please feel free to add me to your blogroll as well.

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