Just a tad busy right now…

Well, I apologize for the lack of updates.  The last week had a serious attack of “life” with me spending the week busy with work, nights busy with Batman, the weekend busy with an old friend who came back to visit Japan, and the last couple of days busy with my main laptop, as I made the rather impulse decision to format and re-install windows (7 at that).  So, for the time being I’m trying to get that laptop up to speed so I can get back to posting. 

In the meantime, I’m looking at my backlog, and I’ve decided that maybe I was a little too ambitious when I picked up my lots of gunpla in bulk.  So, I maybe will actually be getting rid of (that means selling) some of my unopened and still waiting to be built gunpla.  At the time, I’m looking at mainly just the MG Sazabi, anyone interested?  Preferably in Japan would be great, and cheap for shipping, but will consider international.  I still have a Gundam Expo HG Gundam + Trailer (Full finish version) available as well…

Anyways, time to turn this blog around from being An American Salaryman in Tokyo Who Starts Things But Never Finishes Them to An American Salaryman in Tokyo Who Does Things Realistically.  Ha!

Oh, and I really am planning on doing a photodump of the usual Tokyo pictures and junk from the last couple of months.  Here’s one I actually took this last weekend of what Salarymen do in Tokyo late at night.  What’s scary is I really don’t remember taking it though…



One thought on “Just a tad busy right now…

  1. salary man city. looks like fun tho. i’ve always enjoyed outdoor drinking/eating places like that in japan. not that great for eye candy however. but at the same time… you can curse all you want! haha

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