WiP: HGUC Kshatriya #3

Onwards with the WiP, today we’ll be finishing up the feet, legs, and waist.  This ended up taking up around 3 hours, just for the sheer sprue gate cleaning and panel lining needed for the again, large amout of pieces for a HGUC.  Looking at the feet, it follows a Sinanju style, and here I actually went ahead and painted the dark blue parks with my left over Tamiya Dark Mica Blue paint.  It came out fairly nice.

Again, one completed, with the parts on the left.kshat22

Next up we move into the leg, and boy, can we say Thunder Thighs?  Well, more like thunder calves maybe.  For some reason, the think armor on the left and right side of the legs remind me of the ZZ and FAZZ, but it could just be me.  Again, here was a lot parts which meant more panel lining needed.  Its not so long to build, it’s just the cleaning before hand.

Leg stuff 1kshat23

Leg stuff 2, with a completed legkshat24

And here’s both legs with feetkshat25

Moving on the the waist, Kshatriya’s a fat one, they’d say he’s a metabo here in Japan. (metabolic syndrome, do they even use that word abroad?  No? I think they just call it fat!)  In general the skirt armor was fine, save for the giant ass dark green cod piece thing in front, nice of Bandai to stick a sprue gate snipping point in the smack dab middle of the cod piece.  Thankfully I had a dark green copic marker in my Gundam can of pens and markers so I don’t think you can tell.

Inner waist parts

And all the various skirt armor.kshat27

And donekshat28

So, with this we’re actually done with the body! 



Oh, and I said he’s a big boy right?  Yep, dwarves the HGUC Gundam, and stands about as tall as an MG Zaku II.  In fact, he’s fairly up there with his big brother Sinanju.  The only thing I don’t like is the head, honestly, when looking at the Sinanju, Zaku and Gundam the heads seem appropiately big enough.  Poor old Kshatriya though, looks like he was stunted of growth in the head area. 

Comparison shotkshat31

All that’s left is the wings, and more importantly, cleaning up around 30 fin funnels….  That’s on the plate for tomorrow.

WiP Part #1 time: 2 hours
WiP Part #2 time: 2.5 hours
WiP Part #3 time: 3 hours
Current WiP total time: 8.5 hours

5 thoughts on “WiP: HGUC Kshatriya #3

  1. Yeah those are some gundam cankles indeed. Those legs look so stout and nuggety from above in the comparison shot.

    What’s with the Zaku? Is he whispering something disparaging to his comrades about the derty stinkin’ Feddie to his right?

    I know you are just having a bit of a snap fit break after the Sinanaju, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to see you paint this 😉

  2. Man… I want the Kshatriya so bad…

    I think this kit has a lot of potentials for extra details. Even if is just using G-markers to touch up certain parts. Gotta say, great job on the emblems painting.

  3. wow! u got HGUC Kshatriya XD, havent visited u for a while and u nearly finish Kshatriya XD, look at the size of it D: omg.. its so huge .. imagine PG Kshatriya XD ^^ good job!

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