WiP: HGUC Kshatriya #2

Continuing on with the WiP, today we finish up the arms and shoulders.  You’d think this wouldn’t take so much time, but all together with part snipping, cleaning, panel lining, minor painting, and the trim, today’s pieces took about 2 and a half hours to do.  The first time consumer were the shoulders include the connecting arms for the… wings? So that was four sets to build right there.

The connecting arms, with the ability to lock in place.kshat13

From there I finished up the trim for the wrist area, thankfully this is the last of the black pieces with trim.

Again, with the Gundam marker.kshat14

I will say that the marker again came out great, especially considering the trim on these pieces were smaller than anything I worked with on the Sinanju.  From there it’s the actually arm and shoulder pieces.  With the panel lining that took some time as well.

Parts needed, plus a completed arm.kshat15

Close-up on the finished parts.kshat16

I’ve decided to go with a semi-gloss for the top coat this time around.  My Sinanju has a glossy coat, and I figured a flat coated Kshatriya would stand out too much, so I went down the middle.  Here’s the main body with the arms and shoulders.

Front viewkshat17

Side viewkshat18

And here’s with the connecting arms connected to the shoulders.

Front viewkshat19

Somewhat top viewkshat20

Tomorrow we’ll move into the waist and legs. 

WiP Part #1 time: 2 hours
WiP Part #2 time: 2.5 hours
Current WiP total time: 5.5 hours

2 thoughts on “WiP: HGUC Kshatriya #2

  1. Yeah, it was something I was doing when I built the Astray, and haven’t done recently. This is definitely an MG sized HGUC, and it’s requiring MG sized time!

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