WiP: HGUC Kshatriya #1

As you could probably guess by my last post, I did indeed pick up the Kshatriya.  It is definitely a big box, and stands easy with master grade boxes.

The box art is pretty coolkshat01

As you can see, bigger than some MG boxes!kshat02

Plenty of runners as wellkshat03

My plans for this is a simple snap build with initial panel lining.   We start off with the torso and head today.  Beforehand, I decided to plan ahead and panel line the yellow parts.  The Kshatriya, unlike the Geara Doga comes with all the proper parts in the needed colors, save for the trim on the black pieces.  No need to paint parts yellow this time!

Doing the yellow partskshat04

Here are all the parts for the torso.  Quite a few for a HGUCkshat05

Now, I know I said I was going to do only a snap fit with the panel lines, but…

Yep, that’s silver trim, on a much smaller scale  kshat12

I have to admit, I’m amazed that I managed to do this with a Gundam Marker, guess the Sinanju gave me some great practice.  So with the torso finished, it looks like the below.

Side viewkshat06

Front viewkshat07

The head itself is a very simple afair.

The partskshat08

And done.  Used a dab of Gundam Pink for the eyekshat09

Attached to the torsokshat10

Now, I know that the Kshatriya is supposed to be big, but how big?  Well, lets take a comparison shot here.


While the head is obviously smaller, the fact that the torso is pretty much the same size as the 1/100 Sinanju makes you realize that this is going to be quite a big kit.  That’s all for today and we’ll continue on tomorrow evening.

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