The State of the Gunpla Union – 101409

It’s that time again, for another loving block of text regarding Gundam and all other things this Salaryman deals with. 

So, the current state of things.  Well, you could say that Post Sinanju Syndrome (PSS) is settling in.  The Sinanju is finished, I now just need to finish taking the photos.  The fall project, the MG Hi-Nu, is painted, and put together, but I need to do the panel washes.  I got the YF-25 Prophecy… and realized I need to finish the VF-25.  You get the picture.  Add in Kshatriya tomorrow, and of course the PG OO Raiser next month, and I’m looking at a backlog that just doesn’t quit.  Not that I’m complaining, no not at all.  After all, PSS, while temporary stopping the bodies desire to build Gunpla, doesn’t necessarily mean that it quenches the desire to get new Gunpla. 

Ayways, let’s take a look at Gunpla news that matters to yours truly.  Thanks to the 49th All Japan Plamo & Rajicon Show held this last week we got a good look at upcoming and scheduled kits.  Starting off with the UC Gundam goodness, we see that they’ve announced the upcoming line up of HGUC models, as they hinted at a few months ago in Gundam Ace. 

The original Project UC plan from JuneUC01

The updated release schedule (Courtesy of Gundam Guy)stuff70

The big surprise, so to say is that of the two MG’s initially laid out in the UC Gundam Plan, we see that one has been changed to “new category” I find this to be a slight disappointment because I’m more interested in MG kits overall than HGUC kits.  My hopes is that it would be something like a new PG, but 3 months after the PG OO Raiser would be unconceivable.  But, we know that it’s most likely not another HGUC or SCHM, so… speculate away.  Still, that leaves us with one MG to be released in March, and as I speculated in Gundam Guys post, I’m hoping for something like the Delta Plus, as opposed to the easy cop-out of the Unicorn Banshee.  Lastly, while I would like more MG’s, I’m still please to see that they’re intent to bring out a bunch of Unicorn kits, even if they are HGUC, leading up to the first OVA release no doubt.  I’m definitely looking forward to Geara Zulu and ReZel.  Also, I didn’t realize that the special 1/48 Unicorn head to be released with Dengeki Hobby would double as a HGUC Unicorn stand as well.  This now means that I’m going to have to look at picking up the Unicorn (Destroy Mode) to go with the awesome 1/48 head.  

In other MG news, the Qubeley is being released in Ple’s colors.  Definitely something I like, and think would look rather nice in a gloss finish.  This is of course announced after I had already picked up the HGUC version, so if I do double dip and pick this one up, it will be fairly far down the line.  As for yearly Version Ka, Victory Gundam, to be released in December.  I’ll just paraphrase the comment I left on Buster’s post at  Plamo Addiction

I as well found the series to be depressing, with an awful lot of senseless killing of characters. And god awful designs. I mean, we go from hornet mobile suits to mobile suits that ride in tires? This is like 8 AM 5 year old kiddy tripe in the designs. I watched it for the sake of finishing off the UC timeline, but I still just wonder how we advance 70 years from First Gundam to having beam shields, but having all other technologies, and the earth in general just take a step back.  Anyways, the V Gundam is pretty much all of that wrapped up in one. I mean, we go from Sinanju and Unicorn in UC 96 to this in UC 151? Ugh.  Considering that they’re putting the effort into Double O and Unicorn Gundam, with ongoing crap from Seed/Astray currently, I find it really strange to drop another series like V at this point.

Moving on to the PG news, having seen the updated photo’s of the OO Raiser, it looks good, clean, but just doesn’t seem to have that special something to make it stand out.  I can’t quite put my finger on it.  The Astray had the two swords, the Strike itself was fairly imposing, The GP01 IS imposing, and the other PG’s are all iconic.  The OO Raiser however,,, I don’t know, do we really need the Raiser part?  I would be happy without it and they could cut another $100 off the sticker price.   I’m still going to build the whole thing, but I’ll probably start from the reverse order of weapons, Raiser, then the mobile suit.  If I went the opposite way I probably wouldn’t finish.  I will say this, thank god for actually ordering that online, for free shiping and not having to carry it home on the train, the box looks to be huge, of almost GP01 proportions.  I shudder to think how much my fellow Gunplars will have to shell out for shipping for this beast.

Moving on to another series, Macross, I may pick up my first wave kit, as the 1/100 Destroid Monster looks to be exactly that, a monster.

1/100 Destroid Monster (Courtesy Gunpla Secrect Factory)stuff71

I’ve always been partial to the Destroid designs simply because FASA ripped them off when making Battletech.  I think I wasted my entire 8th Grade year playing Battletech, and I might even have some of those old pewter figures lying around.   As for the endless stream of Valkyrie kits, well, I haven’t fiinished the two I currently own, so we’ll leave that subject alone.

Moving away from the topic of plamo onto other time sucking hobbies, I have found myself strangely interested in model training.  I’m finding this to be a dangerous subject, but have purchased a magazine on how to model dioramas.  I now have visions of creating a diorama in which a suburban Tokyo comes under attack by HGUC mobile suits.  This is not good.  Thankfully space constraints are keeping me from “pro-actively” researching this subject, but I now find myself wishing I had a house of my own rather than living in a condominium.  Is this something that comes along with hitting your thirties?  I don’t know, I just now have floor plans that entail having my own sound proofed room for home theater/gaming/modeling/music needs in my head as well now. 

Anyways, at this point, I’m awaiting for my copy of Batman to show up (hurry up Play-Asia!) and also for Play-Asia to open up pre-orders of the Hardened Edition of Modern Warfare 2 (Again, hurry up Play-Asia!).  I have started playing through CoD4 again in prep for this, and will most likely be AWOL for a week or two when MW2 drops (until 00 Raiser is released).  Followed by going AWOL for when FFXIII drops.  November and December are going to be busy months I can tell already….

7 thoughts on “The State of the Gunpla Union – 101409

  1. good call on selling the O raiser separately. if they did that (like the strike and aile pack/sky grasper) then i’d probably be more keen on it.

    batman is such a good game. loved the demo and id love to get my hands on it but… i’ve got enough on my plate right now!

  2. You know what’s funny, is I come home and it’s finally showed up, but I’ve got too much stuff to do tonight to even play it! Tomorrow night if I’m lucky, but I’m probably going to sit down with the Kshatriya if I pick it up after work…

  3. So do you think you can pick up copies of Dengeki mags with the unicorn head like what you did with the sinanju? I was too late in ordering unitl I found out. I thought that new MG series was that goku MG already, I guess not since its in unicorn. Im sure its the banshee thats coming in march.

  4. As far as Goku, that’s apparently a new MG series, the first non Gundam MG series since I believe Patlabor. But, as it’s non-Gundam, I’m not really considering it. I am suprised at the whole thing though. Depending on how well it sells I can already see multiple versions dependent on Super Saiya-jin level and story arc, heh.

    As for the Dengeki Hobby issue, most like no at this point.
    Reasons being:
    1. Strong yen, it’s currently around 88 yen to the dolalr
    2. Cost, the book is 1,324 yen, and I learned from the Hobby Japan issue that shipping a 1.2 kilo book is NOT cheap. Shipping would be around 1,700~1,800 yen for SAL, 3,600(!) for EMS.

    So add in the initial cost, and that’s 3,000~5,000 yen alone there. Even with a minimal service fee (say 5 dollars), the strong yen and pay pal’s conversion fees would put the rate at a price I feel a little uncomfortable in asking ($45~67~)

    I’d say look at HLJ first ( as it looks like they may still be taking pre-orders. If you’re interested though in having me pick on up, despite the cost though, drop me a mail and we can discuss.

  5. Feeling good now that I am once again abreast of the State Of The Union.

    “I’m looking at a backlog that just doesn’t quit.”

    Ahaha welcome to your unhealthy obsession for the forseeable future.

    “doesn’t necessarily mean that it quenches the desire to get new Gunpla. ”

    …..and herein lies the problem that you will probably mentally wrestle with more than the real issues in your life – Do I now own more gunpla than I can build before my dexterity fails me or I die? xD

    “I just now have floor plans that entail having my own sound proofed room…”

    This used to be called a garage once upon a time, and men went there to drink beer, disassemble/reassemble engine blocks, and grunt like Tim Taylor. Wouldn’t we all love to have our sanctuary? I think you dream of this in your thirties, put it into action by your forties, lose it by your fifties, and spend the next 20 years trying to regain it from the women and children of the household. xD

  6. BTW sending hobby mags out of japan just doesn’t work. They weigh too damn much. The best thing to do would be buy out your local book stores and just sell the Unicorn busts for $20 a piece + shipping.

  7. That is something to consider, just I’m not sure if the building instructions would be in the bust box. I can’t imagine it being that hard to build though. Still an idea though.

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