SGB WiP – Sinanju #8

The first gallery, the general body from all sorts of angles.  Next up I’ll try and focus on more of the details. 

8 thoughts on “SGB WiP – Sinanju #8

  1. Wow.. nice work! Good color choie. I really like how you & the other group builders approached the emblem painting. Honestly, I am really afraid to get the emblem part wrong, and I still haven’t figure out the best way to do it.

    Anyway, Really good work. The custom verniers looks neatly installed.

  2. Now those pics are a vast improvement! Can really get an appreciation for the paint in number 1 and the last three. That shield mount is a joke right? Great decal work, and the thrusters look awesome. I have to say that your work with the emblems and trims is very accurate, tidy, and crisp. That’s what I think really sets TT apart for me – the impeccable paint job and the near if not perfect work with the silver trims.

  3. yeah i agree with tonzo. i like the last picture the best because i think it does the best job of showing just how deep that blue is. i think its a double edged sword tho. a bit of details get lost in the depths of that blue. it’s hard to see any details of the face at all *for example in pic 94*. i was concerned about that with my black sinanju so i intentionally put more gold trim on there than usual to bring the details out. more contrasts would have made your blue ‘pop’ a bit more imo. that and i think a different lighting setting would better compliment your scheme. maybe softer lights, like how lupes did. your sinanju could like quite menacing i think.

    that said… technically speaking this a superior sinanju to many ive seen. the tubing and the am thrusters are a sight not to mention the clean lines of the silver trim. i think this is one of those sinanjus that you really need to see in person to appreciate just how good it is. any modeler worth their salt could tell that you worked your butt off on this. the extra parts really worked out. props.

  4. I appreciate all the comments guys. I agree that the color is definitely a double edge sword, as while it draws in the light, it’s also hard to bring out all the details in one shot. I may have to take a Gaigun approach of taknig “hot” “cool” and “soft” pictures to help get the full effect across. Lighting is a bit of a problem as I realize we actually have _no_ lamps at all in our home!

    One thing about the last shot that realize, and will most likely retake, is that I actually tried bumping the white balance up, and it’s at +.07 I believe. So as Tonzo noted, adjusting white balance will be important for taking good shots in the environment that I have to use.

    Also, appreciate the comments on the AM parts and the trim. I guess I should find the trim to be one of the parts that turned out the best. Whereas many folks had lots of trouble with the shield, I was lucky in getting it down in one shot…

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