SGB WiP – Sinanju #7

And after nearly 10 weeks, the summer project has finally come to an end!  After around 15 cans of paint, gloss, top coat, various AM parts, and waterslide hell, it’s almost time to close this chapter of in my Gunpla history book.   It’s been a pretty amazing build that was definitely made easier and funner thanks to the all my fellow Gunplars participating in this Sinanju Group Build put on by Gundam Australia.  Now all that’s left is the photo shoot and my final thoughts.   My next problem is that the Sinanju is simply a beast, so now to figure out how take really good shots without all m other crap getting in the way.  Anyways, here’s some preview shots for you!

7 thoughts on “SGB WiP – Sinanju #7

  1. Looks kind of plain, having only two colors. Pretty nice though, tho the specks of dust and whatnot on the black are kind of disappointing. You handpainted the silver, right? Another suggestion, maybe spray some clear red onto the beam effect parts… the green doesn’t go so well with the color scheme you’ve chosen.

  2. Thanks for the comments, I’ll take them as constructive criticism there. Unfortunately having bigger pictures means that blemishes are a bit easier to see, should have dusted it off, heh. However, the “black” is Deep Mica Blue, so a lot of those flecks that look like dust are actually part of the paint. As for the green parts, thanks for the tip, it does seem that green doesn’t quite match the deep metallic blue and dark mica blue.

  3. Looking good man, colors flow well and work with each other imo. Your leg-booter decals went on better than mine did as well. 😦 Can’t wait to see the ‘life after sinanju’ post.

    btw, it’s more of a yellow than green.

  4. Wow! Bravo. This is an oustanding Sinanju! The depth of that colour is just beautiful. So menacing! The silver accents compliment the blue just perfectly. Great attention to detail and a near flawless paint job. AM parts look fantastic.

    This thing is actually f***ing nutso.

    I agree that a coat of clear red or orange on the beam blades could work well, but don’t do anything to the model itself. It’s perfect.

    There isn’t dust btw zircor, it’s just that there’s not enough light to capture the reflective microns in the paint clearly. All of the pics are a little on the grainy side, which I would attribute to the light and exposure time.

    Fantastic work Rob. Congratulations!

    When you shoot it, try this: Clear a decent area on the floor in front of the couch. Put a decently thick book or like four hobby magazines in a stack down on the floor. Throw a sheet or some fabric of your choice (I’d go with red to bring out the depth of that blue) over the lot and smooth out the folds as best you can. Set up two lamps as directly above it as you can, one slightly in front and one slightly behind. Now take a hand held mirror or something shiny that will bounce the light off of it and position it in front of the model (which is atop the hobby magazines) to reflect the light onto the face or whichever your focal point is. Make sure you use a tripod, adjust your white balance and exposure time, and keep tweaking it until you get the shot you want. Remember it’s a DC so you can take 500 shots if it means getting a good 10.

  5. No probs. Look forward to seeing what you can bring out of it. You have a fantastic camera and I know there is so much more to that paint job than what we can see here.

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