PG OO Raiser release date

Out in Akiba today and noted that the release date fort the PG OO Raiser is scheduled for 11/27, at least according to Yodobashi. While not confirmed yet by Bandai, most likely this is a for sure date. Bandai sure likes the 27th for a major release date. The PG Astray was also a 27th release date if I recall. Unfortunately the iPhone ate the picture I took for some reason so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

6 thoughts on “PG OO Raiser release date

  1. Good piece of info there. PG 00 Raiser just in time for thanksgiving. =)

    Too bad the release date for import hobby store in the US will be sporadic, and I would be lucky if I can get my hands on it by Christmas…

  2. Well, I’ve got it pre-ordered, and at the cost I’m getting it, I figure I’ll pick it up. Considering I never had any of the other OO kits, the immobile Raiser shoulders don&t really bothre me. I think I’m looking forward to the general enjoyment of the build overall.

  3. ah, i see.. =) cool.. glad you’re okay with it. it does look really good when i saw it at this year’s All Japan Plamodel Hobby Show. will look forward to your PG Raiser! ^^

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