WiP: 1/1 Hoihoi-san

In a bit of a switch from my normal mecha kits, I picked up my first non-mecha (and non-Bandai at that) kit over the last weekend.  I haven’t read the manga so I’m not too familiar with Hoihoi, but the charm comes across on the moe side, so I tracked it down.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one tracking it down, as I picked it up on Sunday, the day after it was released, and it was sold out in all locations in Yokohama, as well as Machida.  I managed to get the second to last one when I happened to stop by the Bic Camera in Shin-Yokohama. 

So, as I mentioned, this is my first non-Bandai kit, so I was interested to see how different if any it would be from a Bandai kit.  And it turns out that it isn’t that different at all.  Comes with your standard runners, dry decals, and instructions.


Jumping into the build, this 1/1 kit is well, small, but the character itself is a USB powered cleaning robot, so I guess that’s going to be small in itself.  Starting off with the legs.


Followed by a comparison of a completed leg to partshoihoi03

All together we see the legs and waist stand as tall as about my PEN.  I rather like the way the joints work because they look somewhat better than a ball joint which you normally see used on action figures.


The skirt pieces, which slide over the waist peg.hoihoi05

The skirt isn’t a uniform shape, so you can rotate it around and adjust to whichever pose you like.hoihoi06

I’ll save the upper body and additional weapons (this maid comes packing it seems) for the next post.  Overall, it’s a very easy build so far, and I’m amazed at the quality that you can do with a plastic kit for a figure.  In fact, I don’t really recall seeing pura model kits for figures, usually mecha and vehicles… are there any others out there?

5 thoughts on “WiP: 1/1 Hoihoi-san

  1. Ah, HoiHoi san is so cute.
    Just came across your blog while searching for more info on this kit. Is she completely prepainted? Cause according to Kotobukiya this kit is only “partialy painted”.

  2. @hikky:

    For the most part, all the parts are painted except for the USB cap and weapons. In particular, you’ll probably want to paint the weapons unless you like having a purple sword, gun, and broom. I’ll post pictures again in the next WiP.

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