The State of the Gunpla Union – 091809

Well this week ended up with much less posts than I was expecting, but there are a couple of good reasons for that. 

First up, work, the eternal bane of our lives, yet also known as the lifegiver (in the form of cold hard cash).  August and September have not been an easy couple of months… I hit three years with my current company, and starting on my 4th, so slight burnout is rearing its ugly head maybe… 

But more importantly, I’ve actually been doing some really really late Spring Cleaning.  I guess we might as well just call it Fall Cleaning.  There was some conversation over at GAF (Gundam Australia, not Gaming Age, for those who visit both) regarding the cons of spray painting kits, and the number one reason?  Killing brain cells, bad for your health, awful smell?  Nope, dealing with your respective house mates, especially those of the female kind.  Not that things have come to a head, but after my Sinanju Summer Project (currently still on hold, thank you weapons block) and my jumping into the Hi-Nu Gundam Fall project, my respective house mate was pretty much done with painting and the space I was taking in our living room. So, mixed in with her desire for some new furniture and re-arranging, I’ve actually picked up a dedicated work desk to use for my Gunpla et al along with actually sitting down to clean up “my area” in our spare room.  This is actually where I keep the back log and completed models, and I don’t think I’ve really actually posted much pictures.  Partly because that’s where we keep more of our clothes too, hah.  Note to those interested in coming to Japan, space is limited.  Remember that dorm room in college?  Yeah, that’s your room in Japan, forever. 

Anyways, the good thing about this Fall cleaning is that I’ve finally started cleaning up a ton of supplies and just plain crap that I bought in my initial “I’m going to be a great Gunplar!” phase.  I never realized how much (unused) sandpaper I have…  Also, with buying new bits of furniture for our living room and kitchen, I managed to sneak in a nice compact work desk that will make it easier to use our spare room for more than just a.. well spare room.  This is good because it gives me a locale to concentrate, build, and also puts me right by my home server setup as well which will put me in the mood to clean that up like I’ve been planning for months.  Most importantly I’ve set it up in front the window allowing me to seriously consider a spray paint booth down the line.  That will most likely be down the line (early next year probably) though.  

So all this talk, and no pictures?  Thankfully next week sees a long holiday in Japan, dubbed “Silver Week” due to it’s similarity of May’s Golden Week rush of holidays, next Monday through Wednesday are national holidays all nicely lined up, to give us a nice 5 day weekend.  Taking advantage of that, I’ve strung in a extra couple of days off on Thursday and Friday to give me a health 9 days away from work.  The plan?  For the most part sit on my ass and sleep.  But actually, I’ll be going to the Izu Pennisula for a couple of days, so expect more pictures there.  Also will be finishing up the spare room organizing, to follow that up with hopefully the Sinanju and Hi-Nu.  I’ll probably even round it off with a trip to Akiba on the 25th or 26th.    So plan on hopefully lots of pictures from my new setup, Izu, Gundams, and even maybe Akiba.  

As for Gundam related news, aside from December’s releases, the remaining releases of 2009 have been pretty much announced, which makes it easier for me.  As mentioned before, Kshatriya is a buy, although doing HGUC trim, is going to be a bitch maybe.  PG 00 is a maybe, still on the fence, I’m going to have to see some final production photos, or find it at an unbeatable price before I jump on it.  Actually, I’m looking more into getting back into some gaming over the next few months, as I’m currently playing Gundam Senki, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (It’s Maahvel baby!) along with Madden (As an American, I’m ashamed to say Madden 10 is the first “real” sports game that I’ve ever purchased (SSX doesn’t count I bet)) and we see Modern Warfare 2 drop in November, followed by Final Fantasy XIII in December.  Add in that I’m hearing good things about the new Batman, and that DJ Hero has my interest piqued isn’t helping.  Throw in Persona 3 Portable in November and I’m going to be swamped.  What releases, both gunplay and gaming, are you all looking forward to?  Oh, and for those on PS3 and interested in gaming with me (despite weird JP hours) drop your PSN ID in a comment and I’ll add you. 

We’ll end this post with yet another shot of the Hi-Nu.  Didn’t come out quite as well because I didn’t have a white background, but will try and take another shot later once the fin funnels are attached.


4 thoughts on “The State of the Gunpla Union – 091809

  1. Good reading. Enjoy your time off! Looking forward to the photos.

    I have that last hi nu shot as my wallpaper currently.

    I’ve not yet used PSN. I think my ID is probably sonar928 if I remember setting it up correctly – and if I ever buy a game with online play ^^;

  2. Nice Post. 9 straight holidays… man. That means we will be expecting action poses for your soon to be finished Sinanju / Hi Hu. And I am also interest to see some shots of your new hobby desk too.

    Your line up of potential buys for your PS3 is very similiar to mine. Definitely looking forward to MW2.

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