Fall project

Finally a Gunpla related post, it’s actually been a while.  While the Sinanju is about 80% complete, I’ve hit the dreaded weapons block, and have stalled out right before the goal line.  That and I’m waiting on parts to finish the power cable and Thrusters.  I’m actually going to give AM thrusters a try, wish me luck.

While waiting for those parts, I’ve decided to go ahead and start my fall project!  This project is actually a kit that I started putting together last year before I got sided tracked heavily with life and other things that tend to be a nuisance.  So after building the torso and the head I put it aside.  Well, taking advantage of my left over spray paint, I figured I’d go ahead and do one more paint project for the year until I can figure out a paint setup that won’t annoy my poor wife. 

So my next project is going to be the MG Hi-Nu Gundam, a design that is constantly fighting with Zeta Gundam as my favorite Gundam Design.  I took the torso and head apart to paint the pieces this weekend, along with the fin funnels as well.  Overall, my plan is to paint the light grey parts, inner frame, and blue parts.  The white I will leave alone and simply gloss coat.  This actually gives me an easier time than with the Sinanju as there are much less parts to paint.   I’m planning on giving panel line washes a first time try with this kit as well.  Also, having less thrusters then the Sinanju, I’m going to give AM boosters a try as well.  

This should be a faster build than Sinanju, so hopefully I’ll have it done (along with the Sinanju) by the end of the month. 

Anyways, the colors decided are fairly simple, a mix of gun metal and light gun metal for the gray and frame parts.  The blue parts however… this time around I’m going to do my best to keep it a secret until the end of the project, so all you’re getting is a nice teaser.  Trust me when I say this is a color not normally seen on a Gundam!


5 thoughts on “Fall project

  1. panel line wash is highly recommended. i dont think im going to use lining markers again. 1. you use materials you already have 2. its cheaper 3. its actually less work because you’re letting gravity do the majority of the work for you. 4. it looks great. 5. you can use any colour you want!

    surprisingly easy to clean up if you do it right. i did it on the odaiba gundam for the first time and it worked out well!

    mg hi-nu is a good choice. i’ve always liked that one myself. love the pic you posted btw.

  2. I like doing washes for the panel lines too. But takes a bit of time and patience. (BB: how do u do your washes? what type of paint & thinner do u use?)

    But I find using gundam marker then using erasier to get rid of the excess seem to be the most simple & fast way to do panel linings.

  3. Yeah, just need to pick up the enamel thinner and i’ll give it a go this weekend. I really like how that picture came out, it’s now my wallpaper at home, haha. Now to figure out if I can do it again when I complete the model!

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