Cup Noodle Gundam

In an interesting tie up between Nissin Cup Noodle and Bandai, we’re seeing the smallest gunpla models made ever (1/380!) being packaged with cup noodles starting today.  For those who need their Gunpla fix with your lunch, this is right up your alley.  Even more interesting is that you can send in entries for a drawing of a MG Gundam in Cup Noodle colors.

I picked up a couple today, and put them together to see how it works out. 

Simple little packagenoodle1

Comes in a tiny little tub thing on top of the cup noodlenoodle2

Consists of three runners which you can easily snap parts off ofnoodle3

With all pieces snapped out you get thisnoodle4

With the parts ready to be put together…noodle5

Time for the size comparisons…noodle6

Versus the 1/144 Gundam torso..noodle7

Overall, it’s a neat little “kit” with the arms and head being able to move.  The price though is 500 yen for the set, which means you’re paying 400 yen ($4) dollars for the little thing since cup noodles are generally only a 100 yen themselves.  But hey, collect ’em all and get the chance to when an ultra-limited MG kit, right?

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