Gundam Big Expo (liveblog)

5:45 – So today starts with me waking up earlier than I usually do for work. This happens never. The quest for limited goods is a strange and addictive one.

7:10 – I’ve arrive at Tokyo Big Site where the expo is to be held.

7:15 – And everyone apparently has the same idea as me, holy crap at the line!

7:50 – They have let us in the building and for the time being, I’ve lined up in the free zone, because that’s where they are going to sell the goods. After which I get to go back out to line up to get in the ticketed zone. The fact that they didn’t decide to put a goods zone in the ticketed area is just plain stupid but that’s Japanese planning for you.

8:00 – They’ve given everyone info guides.

9:00 – We have an hour to go before they open the doors. Tokyo decides to welcome the expo by giving us a slight earthquake.

9:45 – We have been let in to line up! Fairly big venue, almost as big as Makuhari where the Tokyo Game Show is held.

10:30 – Nearing the head of the line. Looks like they will online orders for goods that sell out like the Nagoya expo. Delivery to be late November.

10:50 – Good get!

11:40 – After checking out the regular goods, buying a hat, and then putting said goods in a coin locker, I am now back in line to get in the ticketed zone. Despite having a pre-sale ticket. Love this setup

11:50 – and I’m in!

12:15 – Lots of neat dioramas and stuff, iPhone pictures won’t do them justice.

13:40 – About to see ring of gindam, only 4 minutes

13:45 – And that was a big WTF waste of time.

14:00 – Unicorn Gundam, will be the gundam released in g vs g next, pretty badass

14:20 – iPhones battery running low so fewer updates going forward. if I go off the grid that means my phone died.

15:10 – MG Guntank’s box art is bad ass. Don’t want to build t but props to the box art. Also MG Blue Astray announced. Pass on this as well. After building the PG red astray I really don’t need another one in a different color. Of course I say this while having five versions of the Zaku II. A hypocrite I am. Not much left to see, the panels are panels, and there are a ton of people so eh. I can say I saw shar’s va and that’s good enough for me. So I’m grabbing my goods and signing out. Expect high quality pictures in around 3 or 4 hours.

9 thoughts on “Gundam Big Expo (liveblog)

  1. Just got the vouchers so it’s a little too late to go back and get more. Looks like we’ll be able to order online though

  2. You know, I didn’t hear anything about that. I heard rumors about it after the Nagoya expo, but this time they announced in advance if they run out they’ll let you order online.

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