Some of you may have noticed that the quality of some of my pictures lately seem to have improved.  That’s due mostly in part to my new Pen.  I picked up the Olympus EP-1 Pen a little over a week ago, which is my first DSLR. Since it’s my first, it’s going to take me a while to get up to speed, but in the meantime, more pretty pictures for you to look at.  Took it out for a spin yesterday, so here are some photos of the ever popular Shibuya along with other random shots.  I may make these “photodumps” a sort of tangent thing along with my State of the Gunpla Union addresses if there is enough interest. 

The camera in questionpen000
Heading to Shibuyapen003
The infamous scramble crosswalkpen004
Shibuya Stationpen007
Heading up Center Gaipen005
Center Gai with the pin hole filterpen008
Spain-zaka (Spain Steps)pen006

Heading homepen009

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