SGB WiP – Sinanju #4

We had great weather this weekend which allowed me to get ahead on painting.  First off though, we have to put the new waist together.  I went ahead and shaved the peg down on two sides to give it a little more movement and to prevent breakage.

Hard to tell, but slight shaving of two sidessinanju10

With the waist put together, I finished the painting of the entire inner frame.

Piled togethersinanju11

And the finished frame is as follows:





Now, we all know Sinanju is a big mother, but it’s always fun to compare! And while Exia is still not fully built, it is easy to tell that Sinanju stands head and shoulders above Exia.

Front comparisonsinanju15

Back comparisonsinanju16

As for the outer armor, I’ve started painting from the feet. At first I was worried that the colors chosen for black and red would be too similar, but after putting the feet together, they came out really nice. Still a little too early to reveal the colors here though! I finished painting up the leg armor next today, and will put the legs together over the week. Depending on weather, I may be able to work on painting the other parts as well over the week. We’ll see how it goes.

4 thoughts on “SGB WiP – Sinanju #4

  1. Wow that frame is looking uber slick! Very nice paint work.
    Exia is considerably smaller than Sinanju, but looks to be about average height for an MG.. maybe a little small?
    I love comparison shots. I love frame shots too.

    Have you considered doing a bit of wash work around the exposed areas of the frame?

  2. Actually, I’m not too familiar with wash techniques, I can never seem to find a good guide for some of the more advanced techniques.

  3. Thanks, I’ve seen that tutorial before now I raalize. I’ll have to give that a try maybe for the exposed areas (elbows, etc)

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