SGB WiP – Sinanju #3

A short update today.  Unfortunately it’s decided to rain for the whole week so I’ve not been able to paint any further.  Also, I’m needing to pick up some more paint as I realized this is going to take just a bit more than I thought.  On top of that, I need to wait for the replacement parts to arrive.  Or so I thought!

I made my order for replacement parts, and dropped it in the mail Wednesday morning.  Well, guess what was waiting for me today when I got home!


That’s amazing turn around time right there.  Bandai claims 1-3 weeks needed for arrival, but I got it in 2 days.  Unbelievable.  They may whore out kits and steal our money with rehashes, but damned if they don’t have great service!  I picked up two spares of the waist, along with extra booster tanks and booster armor for testing some colors out.  So hopefully will be able to completely finish the inner frame this weekend!

5 thoughts on “SGB WiP – Sinanju #3

  1. 2 days is fantastic. I once got a DBZ figure that was missing an arm and the company sent me a new one inside of a week with a note apologizing for the fault! I think it was like a 200 yen toy too.

    Maybe the Bandai spares division is just across town or something? XD

  2. @GunGuy: The parts I needed alone was about 3 dollars, but I ordered extra’s plus some other parts for color testing so it was 11 dollars overall.

    @GaiGun & Tonzo: Well, I’m in Yokohama, and it only has to go over to Shizuoka City, so I think that has a large part in it. I’m still amazed that they put mailed out the parts to me same day. Guess that’s the American in me being suprised. 6 years and I’m still amazed at the quality of the service in this country.

  3. I wish that service was international. I need a joint part for my MG Zeta Ver2 and the only chance i have is ordering the entire sprue from HLJ.

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