SGB WiP – Sinanju #1

For those who may not be aware, thanks to an invite, I’ll be joining in the Sinanju group build that is being held by the model forum at Gundam Australia.   You can check out the link here, and I’m sure they’d be open for more participants if people are interested.  Participants include my several of my fellow Gunplars such as Lupes @ It’s a Gundaaaam, Busterbeam @ Plamo Addiction, Gundam Guy, Gaijin Gundam, as well as the forum administrator Sonar, otherwise known as frequent poster Tonzo, and other forum members.

Anyways, on to the current plan!  First off, my plan at this point is a straight build, but with a custom paint job.  While I was originally planning on a blue theme, I’ve actually decided to go to a different color(s). 

 The current Sinanju related materialssinanju01

Taking a page from GaiGun, I’ve decided to go monochrome with the materials shot as to not reveal my color scheme just yet.  For the time being I’ve got my plans for the internal frame, as well as outer frame.  I’ve not thought ahead to the weapons, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.  AM boosters will be used as well as the official Sinanju waterslides. 

As for the actual WiP, you’ve all seen the snap builds elsewhere, so I’m not really going to go in depth on that part.  The current plan is to build the internal frame completely first, figure out what’s going to be visible, and paint the frame accordingly.  The painting on the external frame will happen afterwards.  Anyways, I whirled through the torso and legs, only to have (amazingly enough) my first experience with parts breaking.  And what broke?  The F—ing waist!

The completed legs and torso…sinanju02

Tragedy occurs…sinanju03

So, now what?  Well, I read about a place that sells spare parts in Akiba, and so I trucked on down there Friday night (will post pictures tomorrow) and they had the Sinanju legs, but not the waist parts, so I’m officially SoL and having to ordering the parts from Bandai.  So, that puts a one to two week delay on finishing the the full inner frame.  Still, that shouldn’t be too bad since I won’t have time to paint except on the weekends.  In the meantime though, the plan is to finish the rest of the inner frame and do my first painting there.  More updates as I progress…

5 thoughts on “SGB WiP – Sinanju #1

  1. I hate it when parts break like that. It looks like a fairly clean break. You should be able to drill a small hole and insert a metal reforcing rod and glue it back together.

  2. What a pain. Such a critical part to break too. Iwonder if you will face the same problem with the replacement? I would recommend repairing the joint with brass rod and cement. For this you will require a pin vise.

    Great opening to your WIP! You chewed through that frame at a rate of knots! The anticipation on you guys’ colour schemes is killing me!

  3. bad luck on the break man. yeah i like the rob idea myself but if you dont have a drill/pin vise or spare rods around… might be cheaper just to order the part from bandai. if you’ve never done it before its a pretty cool experience. and theres other stuff you can do in the meantime. still though… tough break.

  4. Well, I do have a pin via and rods, so I think I can give it a go, but the next problem is the connector part for the torso snapped as well, so any which way I’m going to have to order replacement parts… I’m going to order 2 of the waist and connector just in case though.

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