PG 00 Gundam in development

Well, THIS just came out of the blue.  You heard it right, Perfect Grade 00 Gundam is in development!  Here we think we’re finally getting our first 00 Gundam MG, and in the middle of the Gundam 30th Anniversary year, and Gundam UC project, we certainly wouldn’t even expect Bandai would jump to the second season of 00 and bring us a PG at that!  Can already see light up gimmicks coming for sure!


5 thoughts on “PG 00 Gundam in development

  1. Wow. I don’t even know what else to say. Hopefully it’s considerably more impressive than the 1/100 version, I find I wasn’t very fond of it. :\

  2. I suspect this will be one of two things – A very nice PG showcasing Bandai’s recent advances in technology (MG Exia is a technically superb kit, PG Astray was nicely executed), or a grab and dash cash-in on an existing frame.

    Very interested to hear more about this as it develops – pricing, gimmicks etc.. if it is genuine..

    I know I was expecting a PG or 1/60 Unicorn. Unusual for Bandai to be looking to release another PG so soon afetr the last. Strike while the iron’s hot hey? Astray would’ve sold very strongly, and they want to milk 00 before it’s too distant a memory I guess.

    Cynicism aside, this is great news and I look forward to picking the kit up down the track.

  3. Lupes: Well, it looks like it’s still a ways off, most likely 6 months or so at the earliest so we’ll just have to wait and see.

    Tonzo: Well, if you stop to look at it, originally there was about a PG realease once a year from when the first PG came out. It was after they rehashed the Strike as Strike Rouge with the Skygrasper that they stopped releasing PG’s until Astray. Apparently it’s selling really well for them to move forward with a 00 PG.

    Personally, I as well would rather have a PG Unicorn before 00 Gundam, but most likely they won’t move on bringing out bigger kits until they actually start the anime.

  4. I tend to agree with you Lupes. MG UNicorn was a BIG seller. I think a PG would do well, but obviously better with an anime to market within and create a frenzy of consumer interest.

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