Gundam in Daiba

Ran out to see the 1/1 scale Gundam in Daiba today.  Pictures just don’t do it justice.  While there are tons of pictures out there, and I’m sure there will be plenty more, here’s mine to add to the bunch. 

Also! I picked up a few extra Gundam Ver. 30th Green Tokyo Gundam Project kits as well, as this is the only place you can get them.  I’ve got 3 extra, and will post details on them.  Like the Sinanju, first come, first serve.

 At Shimbashi station – Take the Yurikamome to Daiba station.gdaiba01

Advertising in the station.gdaiba02

The park is about a 5 minute walk from the station.gdaiba03

And catching a peek as we go.gdaiba04

Various shots around the Gundam.gdaiba06







The crowd started picking up towards the afternoon.gdaiba13



And here’s todays damage!gdaiba16

 Picked up the limited HGUC Gundam, the pamphlet along with a couple of the Eco-pla kits.  Throw in a towel and some cookies for good measure.

16 thoughts on “Gundam in Daiba

  1. WOW!!! Really nice weekend outting.

    I assume the only difference in this special HGUC kit vs. the regular 30th HGUC RX-78 Gundam kit is the box art, is that correct?

  2. I was in Tokyo yesterday evening but already had plans with someone so couldn’t detour out to Odaiba. I did convince her to go there with me on the next Holiday Monday, though. 😉

  3. The G30th Is Beautiful… I really want that.
    Also, i Think that the Odaiba one Has the Turquoise stand like the Actual Odaiba gundam.

  4. GunGuy: Actually, it’s quite different, this one doesn’t come with weapons, but comes with the stage and a scale Amuro figure. The first “shipment” comes with a mini Gunpla booklet as well.

    Sayem: If interested, I’ve got extra 😉

    I’ll figure out the cost tomorrow. 1500 yen was my cost, and shipping wouldn’t be cheap if it was SAL mail, but still with the strong yen, I’m thinking $35-40 with shipping included in that price at this point. Gotta sleep on it.

  5. i was gonna take the trip all the way out to tokyo to see this but i decided to be reasonable and nixed my plans. i could buy about… 20 hg models for the price of going to tokyo and back by shinkansen. oh well. these pics will have to do! surely they cant just tear this thing down and be done with it. they must put it up some place else. its too much of a tourist attraction!

    and whats up with those eco-pla models? whats that all about?

  6. Sayem: Dropped you an email, please let me know what you think.

    Buster: Always worth checking out if you have a chance to come out in the next 2 months. You’re right on them having to put it soemwhere, it really would be a waste if they just tour it down. As for the Eco-pla, check out my latest post.

  7. Guest: According to his blog, Danny didn’t make it out. I was hoping to run into him there, but no luck. How hard can it be to run into a stormtrooper in Tokyo!

  8. Apparently he wasn’t in his costume in the second to last picture in the green shirt on the bottom left there.

  9. Guest: From what I’ve seen from his pictures on DC’s site, he’s pretty much a shades of black clothing kind of guy. I kind of doubt the guy in green is him. He’d probably be out with his wife or one of his fellow bloggers as well.

    Tonzo: I honestly thought he would have been at the opening ceremony Friday night, seeing as how he’s getting pull in the anime/goods industry here. I have to admit though, I lost a bit of faith when the guy started playing with dolls though. There’s a line, and that’s one I’m not crossing.

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