HGUC Hi-ν Gundam: Final Thoughts

Well, a little delayed, but my final thoughts on the HGUC Hi-ν.  Overall, I’m impressed.

I used to just dismiss the HG line as the cheap line for kids, and now I’ve been forced to rethink my stance on this.

Overall, it is a much simpler build, but actually has quite a bit of attention in details, particularly in lining, down to the few seals that were included.  This means, if you put the time into doing your panel lining, put the seals on, and drop the top coat, you’re going to have a fairly detailed kit and nice looking kit, for well over half the cost of its MG big brother.  Coming with the funnels, two beam sabers, storable in the wings, the multicolored shield, and weapons, you’re getting good quality for the price.  Proportions are good, coloring is good, and again, I just like the bad ass double wing fin funnel I’m going to kick your ass design.

 However, there are a few areas they skimped a little.  With the fin funnels, you only have two (the top one of each “wing”) that are actually openable, while the other two are then molded into a one set piece.  Of course, there’s no way to actually pose the two that are openable, but still.  With this being a 1/144, this means everything is indeed smaller, which also means weaker, I had a few parts I was afraid I was going to break trying to snap together   And while the detail is good, if panel lined, you’re also dealing with smaller lines, which can be a little tiresome and tedious.  While this HG kit doesn’t suffer the same problem that most SD kits have in that half the pieces aren’t colored as they advertise, your weapons are still going to be grey, rather than white, along with the booster tanks being all white as well.  Personally, I could care less for the bazooka though, and the gun looks fine grey to me as well.  Lastly, due to everything being polycaps, posing, while not bad, isn’t MG quality, you’re not going to have it kneeling on one knee, and looking it’s best.  Also, it goes without saying, but the Hi-ν is top heavy, and will tip over backwards.  An action base is recommended.                                                                                                                                    

Still though, for those who are interested in the Hi-ν but don’t want to drop the $50~100 dollars that the MG costs depending on where you shop, will want to check this kit out.

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