Weekend Gundam deals

Well, this is applicable to those in Japan, but while at Yodobashi Yokohama today after work, I found a couple of interesting things.  First off, Buster at Plamo mentioned finding an HG model he hadn’t seen.  Took a shot of the “new” stock of older models.  Interesting enough, there are quite a few 1/60 size models that I’ve not seen myself, that are available really cheap.  You see the Full Armor Gundam there for about 1600 yen.  They also had a Tri-Stars Zaku II the last time I had gone, but gone this time.  Unfortunately, I wouldn’t think those proportions are going to be the best.


However the deal of the weekend is the below:


The very expensive GFFMC Zeta Plus is available at rouughly 70% off!  The $170 fig is available for a mere $50 dollars.  Man, that says a lot. 

I don’t know if this sale is being held at all Yodobashi’s across the country, but for those interested, definitely worth checking out.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Gundam deals

  1. that is insane. that price for the GFFMC Zeta Plus… i’d buy it. just for the record its not like that here in nagoya at bic camera (which is aichi’s version of yodabashi)

    i wonder why they’re choosing to re-issue that old stuff now? for the 30th anniversary maybe? i have one of those 1/60 models… and it doesnt impress me at all. terrible proportions. looks like a kids toy. i got the hyaku shiki.

  2. GunGuy: You know, I’ve learned something about the GFFIX and GFFMC line. Never buy them when they first come out, because you will get BURNED. The fact is they simply don’t sell well at all. That is the only reason why you see a majority of them at rock bottom prices.

    Tonzo: I missed out this weekend because I was out doing random acts of American independence at several riverside BBQs, but if this pops up again, I’ll probably pick some up for reselling.

    Buster: You know, I’m a Bic man myself, simply because I lived by Ikebukuro and they had 5 different stores(!). But now I have to grudgingly admit that Yodobashi is starting to have the better selection, and they actually do weekend sales like this. The downside is there aren’t a lot of Yodobashi’s outside of Kanto. I remember going to your Bic there in front of good ole 名駅 back when I homestayed for a while in Gifu though.

    As for the old crap, I’m pretty sure you hit it on the head there. Old stuff, while nostalgic is not always the best though, as the proporptions on those 1/60’s is downright hideous by the looks of it.

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