Project UC: New Gundam Unicorn MG releases…?

We take a brief break from the HGUC posts to take a look and ponder something interesting I noticed.

I think most people have seen the scans from the latest issue of the monthly Gundam Ace, which had some of the designs and descriptions for the mobile suits that appear in the series.  Well, while reading it today, I noticed something that I don’t think people picked up on.

That thing would be ガンダムUC計画 or Project UC.    Let’s take a look at this.


First off, the above is the page states in the red box that “New lineups will continue to be released for Bandai Hobby Group’s Project UC“.
The bottom left box then notes that the the 1st stage of the Project UC will be carried out over the 2009 fiscal year, which is April 2009 to March 2010.
OK, so basically this means they’re going to be releasing lots of stuff over the next 10 months until March of next year.

Well… what are they going to release?

Here’s where it gets interesting, they give us a breakdown!


Looking at the above zoom in on the white box and small text above.  The small text says “Bandai Hobby Group will continue to release [UC] items, such as HGUC, S-HCM Pro, MG, and others in the future.  You can especially look  forward to the number of HGUC releases.

Next up is the actual lineup plan!  I am suprised nobody noticed this (I think) as it specifically says what item line and when to expect a release.

Taking a look at the HGUC line, we see the already revealed Kshatriya is scheduled for October.  Following HGUC releases are scheduled for (late?) November, December, January, and March! There is a second December listed between January and March, but I am going to assume that is a typo for February.  Thusly, we’re looking at six HGUC’s by March of next year.

For the S-HCM pro, the already revealed Unicorn Gundam is scheduled for October, with no other releases scheduled.

Even more interesting is that the MG line has 2 kits apparently scheduled!  Unfortunately, by this lineup plan, we’re looking at February and March respectively.  Still, that gives us time to speculate as to what kits are getting the MG treating.  Could it be the Banshee? Full Armor Unicorn?  Or maybe some of the other designs?  I for one, would like to see the ReZEL.  I think the Geara Zulu would be a smart idea for a MG kit, as it’s mostly Zaku to begin with.

And in the lastly row, we simply have ??  with 4 items scheduled from December/January.  Thinking of the available lines, I for one would love to see a PG(!) Unicorn, but the SD line would probably be more likely.  Any thoughts on what they could have lined up?

So, thoughts and/or ideas about this Project UC and upcoming releases?

8 thoughts on “Project UC: New Gundam Unicorn MG releases…?

  1. I think the Delta Plus is a strong candidate for MG.

    I wonder what the new product line is going to be under the question marks.

    Also, you might want to consider putting the “Post comment” link at the bottom of the post as opposed to next to the title if possible. =D

  2. I had forgotten about the Delta Plus, that’s a good choice.
    I’m pretty sure the question marks is a current product line such as SD, the question is, is it one product line, or maybe more? Like I said, would love to see a PG Unicorn myself.

    As for the comment link, I’ll look into it, I don’t think wordpress templates let me fiddle wtih the html. So for the time being, we’ll just have to use the leave a reply box at the bottom.

  3. MG Banshee and FA Unicorn is likely. Good call with the Geara Doga as well but I don’t think they’re going to go that way. I’m going to say gloss or metallic coating Sinanju and one of the above. I’m a cynic. Sorry.

  4. Yeah I am also leaning toward BB’s theories. With today’s economy, Bandai would do well issuing various version of unicorn gundam (banshee / FA ver.), and make a hefty profit.

    I hope both the Stark Jegan & ReZEL will make it as MGs, but I would be satisfy if their HG becomes available first.

  5. Buster: I wonder about the idea of a coated Sinanju, it’s a pretty difficult kit, and I can imagine people going nuts trying to figure out how to put it together without huge gauges in the metalic coating from sprue marks.

    GunGuy: Most likely the ReZEL and Geara Doga, and so on are HG releases seeing as how they have 6 lined up. I can see a SD Unicorn well before a PG Unicorn as well.

  6. I think a special coating Sinanju is on the cards. Bandai LOVE rehashing for one, and for two sprue marks never stopped them with the Sazabi metallic coating. Maybe more in the vein of the Unicorn special coating as opposed to metallic though. Why oh why can’t they just design all kits with the sprue connections hidden?

    I think a 1/60 scale Unicorn is another good call. Maybe or maybe not a PG, but we all saw the 1/60 Unicorn from Shizuoka Hobby Show right?

  7. True, this IS Bandai that we’re talking about. They love whoring out rehashes and people love buying them…

    Good point on the sprue mark designs. It’s not like they can’t do it, we’ve seen that in kits like the HD Hyaku-shiki. It’s just really a big why the hell don’t they do that regularly for MG and Pg kits.

    As for the Shizuoka show, wasn’t that a 1/35 they had on display?

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