WiP: HGUC Hi-ν Gundam

So, let’s get the ball rolling. The HGUC Hi-ν Gundam is my first HG kit, and true to the High Grade line, it’s a quick and simple build. Just to make sure everyone is on the same page, HG Kits are 1/144 scale, lack an internal frame and gimmicks (for the most part) that their 1/100 MG brethren have. In general, the idea is that HG kits are aimed and priced for the younger generation, while the more difficult, and higher priced, MG and PG kits are aimed at the older crowd. After building this kit, I’ve formed some of my own conclusions, but I’ll save those for a future post.

So, the kit over all is quite simple, as you see with the following pictures of the torso, arms, and legs.

Simple snap together for the torso with polycapshghinu04

With the outer armor attachedhghinu05

The arm and shoulderhghinu08

With the arms attached, the upper torse is completehghinu09

Following the same idea as the arms, outer armor snapped together and done.hghinu10

Overall, with the lack of an inner frame you see a lot of polycaps standing in for a lot of sections.  Other than that, the outer armor parts are completed molded as one piece (upper arm) or a simple snap together of two pieces with a polycap in between (leg).  The waist is another simple affair, with the back skirt armor unable to move.  The front skirt armor is also one piece, but moves. 

Yep, that’s a waisthghinu11

The boosters and funnel wings(?) again follow the same snap together and done.  The boosters are all molded in white, and so the color conscious will want to paint the connecting parts a metal part.  I’m lazy, and don’t have a brass color, so I passed on that.  I forgot to take a picture of the Fin Funnels, but the construction was pretty much the same as the MG version.


The shield was nice in that they at least molded snap on parts so you could have the two tone shield.  The weapons, again snap together, unfortunately, get the generic silvery/gray color, and you’ll have to paint them if you want to have it look like the promo pics that Bandai pimped.  The good thing about the color though is you don’t really have the noticable sprue damage that you get from MG weapons.  MG weapons tend to be black, or blue, or that light grey (Zaku weapons, especially) that really makes the damage stand out.  Of course you could always just be careful when putting together the weapons, but like many others, by the time I get to the weapons, I really don’t care and just want to get them over with.  Anyways, too much straying from topic.

Three pieces and you got a shieldhghinu06

Gun, or Bazooka, what’s your pleasure?hghinu07

And finally, the last thing to to do for putting it all together is panel lining, a must to bring out some of the design elements in the HG kit, followed by really tiny seals.

All lined up and ready to go.hghinu13

All that’s left is the top coat and we’re good to go.  Next post we’ll look at some final build shots.

One thought on “WiP: HGUC Hi-ν Gundam

  1. The armor, for the torso at least, looks like it is put on exactly like the MG Hi Nu. I suppose this is because of the colour scheme more than anything else. Looks fun. I almost forgot what the Hi Nu is supposed to look like as I have been staring at tiny pieces of it for two months.

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