4 thoughts on “Hi-ν Gundam Gets (again)

  1. ooohhh. another nice get.

    I will probably pass on this one since I already have the MG version. But this one is a nice kit at a great price. A lot of sanding & minor mods will need to be done to make this kit look good.

    However, I was disappointed that this 1/44 Hi-Nu Gundam is 1 1/2 inches shorter compared to the 1/144 Nu Gundam, which is a big difference.

  2. Geeze, that’s really short…

    I like how they pretty much recycled the hguc nu gundam boxart :p

    A nice model regardless, looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

  3. As it’ll be a fairly quick build, I’ll make sure I do some indepth pictures for you all. It’s my first HGUC anyways so I want to document it anyways.

    I’ve seen some comparison shots and have to admit I’m suprised as well that the Hi-nu is shorter than the nu (and that’s of course not counting the fin funnels). But still, will see how the finished product turns out.

    Should start building Monday evening if I’m not too tired from my trip to China.

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